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Fantastic work, though a recommendation regarding your auto-copy.

When I use Hyperwords auto-copy function, its not very intuitive. For instance, when I highlight a word, auto-copy then copies the word. Then I'll try to paste it into another field, and if text already exists in that field and gets highlighted, your auto-copy then discards the original copied text and copies whats in the field I'm trying to paste to.

The autocopy function in the FasterFox extension is much more intuitive than HyperWords autocopy. If you can configure your AutoCopy to behave like FasterFox's AutoCopy, than it would be perfect.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (6.5.4). 

Auto Copy

Yup. Good point. We'll make auto-copy not copy text in text fields. To start. Will that help? We need to get a bug fix out so we can do this soon, but to have more settings for auto copy will take a while.