Liquid Tabs Version History

3 versions

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Version 1.3.2 20.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 56.*

Improved compatibility with TabMixPlus. Fixed "wide image" bug.

Version 1.3.1 19.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

Settings bug fixed for Linux users. Changed settings interface to use numeric textboxes instead of sliders. Updated easing of open/close animations.

Version 1.3.0 19.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

Changes since SmoothlyCloseTabs v1.0.0:

SmoothlyCloseTabs v1.1.1 (not released)
- bugfix: Opacity did not change when the animation had too many steps.
- bugfix: Had to wait until the animation was complete before switching to an old tab.

SmoothlyCloseTabs v1.2.0 (not released)
- Complete rewrite of animation logic.
- The width of the tab is now calculated to be where it should be at that point in time. Previously, every step of the animation was dependent on the step prior. The new code guarantees that tabs will be shrank in a consistent amount of time.

Liquid Tabs v1.3.0 (formerly SmoothlyCloseTabs v1.3.0)
- Renamed extension to encompass new and future functionality.
- Add ability to smoothly open tabs.
- Separate fade and speed settings for opening and closing animations.