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  • Also need the feature that the tab's width would not change when I close a tab by mouse and the cursor is still on the tab bar. Just like what Google Chrome behave.
  • Very good. Looks nice. Works smoothly.
  • a pretty addon for those seeking some extra visuals for their browsers. although it seems to be having a conflict with the private browsing, since it somehow manages to close all tabs, thus closing firefox. I will keep it disabled until this is fixed
  • yeh the nicholasalipaz comment gave me the idea to disable "TabControl" this way I resolved both the issues, thanks a lot guy !
  • Can you make this FF4B7 compatible.
  • Great idea, but in my browser I believe it conflicts with another extension. I think it is Tab control, but can't be sure. It seems to cause all links specifying target="_blank" to open in a new window and leave an empty tab in the originating window.

    Ubuntu 10.04 Fx 3.6.10
  • This is right up there with Fission as one of my favourite non-essential add-ons, and you have to allow yourself a few of those, or Firefox wouldn't be any fun. It looks especially pleasing with my current combination of Chromifox Basic/Hide Caption Titlebar Plus. Works pretty smoothly too, even on my 1998 vintage desktop.
  • i love it.
    but i can't secretly explore when i use this extension.
  • thanks, it's really greay addon)
  • Great addon, very good work !
  • Great addon...
    smoother while closing the tab rather than while opening...
  • Thanks for the update that fixes the preferences don't save on Linux problem.
  • very usefull, simply select a text, and it copy them!
  • Preferences don't save. Ubuntu 10.04, FF 3.6.3.
  • Dude I am so glad you made this I about drooled to death when I saw that preview. Please do the tab sliding!! Please!!

    Also just a note if you add additional frames it should look alot smoother. If that makes sense.
  • The concept = great. however in reality = the animations need to be faster and smoother and you need to fix it on linux because the settings are not rememberd once you close the settings window.
  • Works like a charm, particularly with my themes: LittleFox, Nautipolis, Walnut and Walnut2.
    P.s. when closing the last tab (in CloseWithLastWindow=false), the tab shrinks and then reappears. This actually an issue in the tab handling itself, as a 'close' command on the last tab should not do anything.
  • Simply excelent!
  • Even on fast it closes SO SLOW when a page is loading, and no ... lol, its not my comp or ff... additionally, it doesn't shrink that addon which shows how much of the page is loaded in the tab ... but that is to be expected ... over all, pretty fail.
  • So cool! I like it, thanks!
  • Great add-on :D I will be recommending this for my upcoming theme Stratum Fusion: http://spewboy.deviantart.com/art/Spew-s-Mockup-i03-160680273

    I really do hope you implement drag animations too. That would make the browser so much better to look at.
  • Nice add-on, it makes Firefox a little more visually appealing. I only gave it 4 stars because the animation is still a bit choppy (might be the theme I'm using), and the sliders in the settings make no sense. Instead of sliders, I would prefer to set the animation time in milliseconds.
  • Ok this is really coool... nice eye candy :)
  • Хорошо смотрится, корректно работает, но задержка с появлением новой вкладки сводит на нет удобство использования.
  • Great add-on, simple but works great. One thing I'd like to see added though, add the animation when opening tabs as well, it's a bit awkward having a nice closing tab animation but nothing when opening.
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