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  • this update works, well.


  • the update found on http://www.smart-roadster-club.de/off-topic/mozilla/extensions/linky/


  • "Show all image link in one tab" does not work well. It only lets you open 100 links for some reason, but there's no way to select just 100, besides going through and pressing the checkbox next to each one (100 times). Does anyone know of an extension that does this better?

  • This is updated by another author now. I don't have the issue you're describing, so you might try this one:


  • One of the best plug-ins around. I am used to highlighting 50 links and then opening just unvisited...

  • 'show all image links in one tab' doesn't work well. I hope fix the bug soon.

    Thanx :)

  • I guess no one has had any luck getting the "show all image links in one tab" option to work yet with 3.0? This plugin rules so hopefully, this will get fixed quickly.

  • Linky is a decent enough extension except for its placement - WAY down on the context menu, which makes finding it a bit challenging. It also doesn't seem to put options directly on the context menu, so you have to go to the Linky> selection, then click on what you want. I'd put it up near the top of the context menu or put an option to place one or two (Like open selected links in new tabs) directly on the context menu up at the top where one is opening links.

    It's better than nothing, but often times, it's faster to just right-click a link and click Open in new tab over and over.

  • This download works fine in FF 3.

    Don't trust that link below BTW.

  • Please update it to make it work with Firefox 3 Final & also Firefox Minefield x64 Edition!


  • Thank you very much for your tool now not work, still wait for update


  • Great add-on but needs an update for FF 3.0. My favorite feature "Show All Image links in One Tab" still doesn't work with the new FF.

  • If the only thing I think is missing is to able to copy & paste links.

  • Dear Stefan Moeller,
    Thank you for picking up the mantle and continuing the improvements. I think you should start a new Linky dev branch and built your own extension. You deserve the recognition.

  • Great for Entrecarders!

  • Great addon, been using it for a long time and couldn't live without it.
    Stefan Moeller

    Thank you for updating it, but I think I found a bug (old version used to do this just fine), if I try to open a group of images stored locally (in my hard drive) using the option "open all image links in..." instead of opening the images, I get a list of files, something like "file:///d:/test/example.jpg". It works on-line (tested it) but off-line it doesn't.

    Thanks for keeping it alive though :)

  • I can't use firefox without it!!

  • Thanks Stefan to keep Linky alive. Unfortunately, some functions seem broken.

    Tested after I installed Linky 2.7.1 on a fresh profile
    1- Open https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/425
    2- Linky > "Open all images in one tab"
    3- Dialog pops up (Linky found 6 imags) > Open all Images
    4- A new tab opens but displays anything :-( [IMHO, Dialog should close at that step, but it stay open in foreground]

    Same result with "Open all images links in one tab"
    "Show all images links in one tab" works fine.

    My User Agent : Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9b5) Gecko/2008041514 Firefox/3.0b5

  • I really want to try the updated version from Stefan but I think the xpi file served by the website doesn't have the correct application/x-xpinstall mime type and so I can't get it installed on 3.0B5. Maybe I just don't know how.

  • I completely agree. I'm using 3.0 B5 right now and was disappointed I couldn't use one of my favorite extensions without either turning off security/compatibility checks or going back to 2.0. Imagine my surprise when I checked today. Thank you!!! I have a personal blog with extensions I like to use and check regularly for updates and would appreciate feedback: http://jerryfardons.blogspot.com

  • Since the original developer does not seem to care any more, I have created my own bugfix release, Linky It addresses the following issues:

    * Made preferences panel work with SeaMonkey.
    * Fixed bug not sending referer.
    * Fixed bug wrongly adding a slash at the end of text links.
    * Raised link limit from 99 to 999.
    * Made "Sort links by ..." functional.
    * Bugfix: Security error in Firefox 3.0 or Seamonkey 2.0 respectively, when trying to show all images in one tab or one window.

    You can download it from:


    Edit 2008-04-25:
    Dong Dinh and Yannick, thanks for your feedback. I have fixed both issues - the mime type, and "open all images".

  • Thank you so much for keeping this alive! This is definitely one of my favourite extension for firefox.

  • The ability to do filtering similar to DownThemAll like by name wildcards would be good. Also, allow more than 99 images at once.

  • I installed linky on TB and can find no toolbar or menus. How does it work?

  • How about telling us what it does?