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  • Someone on reddit made a partial fix, works with fx53b: https://github.com/marcii/Linky-fork
  • Now that Linky is dead and no longer being developed or even supported (not complaining!), I've found a few addons that are similar:

    Link Ninja

    Multi Links Plus
  • This was a great add-on till it stopped working.....
  • **Linky No Longer Works** - Needs updating

    Linky was my life line! It's open selected links in new tab was so great for mass updating databases and mass multi tasking!

    The best was the Copy selected links to clipboard. Saved me so much time and I used it in conjunction with iMacros and it used to be so beautiful.

    Linky you will be missed but never forgotten. I hope to see you again soon.

    I have met a new add-on called Link Gopher. It is not the same. It is different but it works.
  • I used this extension for a long time and nothing else is quite like it, sadly its broken and abandoned now.

    For grabbing and downloading images, I've found Pick & Save Images to be an OK substitute. For that purpose, it's nicer than linky, but linky was nice and simple with a lot of uses.


    Wish I had the time/expertise to carry on its development.
  • This add-on was very useful, too bad is not working anymore, I use img2tab for now, it's not the same but helps
  • The functions of this add-on are too useful to lose by updating past 43.0.4. I do want to update but I haven't found any comparable add-ons for later Firefox versions.

    Couldn't Firefox versions be coded to lose fewer add-ons? I imagine that's discussed elsewhere, but I'm certainly hoping a later Firefox update will be compatible. Who knows if the add-on itself will ever be updated or a comparable add-on created.
  • Kraftigt kræve en opgradering af denne udvidelse !!!
  • Just updated and it is still not working.
  • As others said, there is no other add-on that does what Linky does. It literally saved me hours per week. I am a donating user and have tried to contact the author thru various means and all have gone unanswered. I don't understand how it has an April 2016 update date when the website shows no updates since 2005! Whatever was done in April had no effect. Not sure why the author would make a useless update but not document other updates for over a decade. Does it mean someone else has access to and is changing the code? Not sure how to rate. If it worked it would get 10 stars from me on a five star scale. But since it hasn't worked for some time now, its of no use. Very sad. I would re-donate and give another $50 if the author would make it work again.
  • Honestly, this is the add-on that is making me wait to upgrade my Firefox from v43.0.4. There are no other Add-ons that do what this one does, and this one hasn't been updated in quite some time. I would contribute if this were updated. Or, if someone else were to develop an add-on that did the same thing.
  • It's a great app, when it's working. Is it worth $5? Yep. Hell, it's worth a one-time $20 donation, if I know that will have the developer make sure that it stays working.

    If this add-on is worth $5 to you, and I suspect it probably is if you've used it for any length of time, then DONATE FIVE DOLLARS and provide some incentive for the developer (who has clearly moved on and backburnered this project) to spend a little time and fix it.

    Just an idea. :)
  • Не работает в последней версии firefox, до этого было всё хорошо.
  • Linky stopped working for me in FF44. For me, it's more important to get my work done, than update my browser... I'm downgrading to FF42 to make sure Linky works.
  • Just updated Desktop FF & Portable FF to Version 45, and LINKY is DEAD in both of them.

    I've read reports of it not working in 44, but I didn't have that problem.

    This is a most useful add-on, and I hope it will be upgraded.

    Very disappointed.
  • Parts of this great addon stopped working in FF 44.
  • I love this and used it EVERYDAY but it stopped working in 44 :( im super sad and cant find anything comparable!
  • this is one of my all time favourite add-ons. P L E A S E make it work under v44 again :(
  • this was an awesome plugin ... no longer works. Removed & reloaded & still does not open tabs. Bummer!
  • Does not work with Firefox v44 button open links, pressing the button does nothing.
    Extension use every day, I would like that will repair the error. Thank you.
  • This addon was a must-have for many years. unfortunately it's broken with Firefox v44 as u can't open links anymore. (hitting the button "open links" does not do anything anymore).

    unfortunately it seems the addon is no longer maintained.

    any ideas of working alternatives for v44+?
  • Description says nothing.
    There is no screenshots about addons' usage.
  • I miss when this was fully functional. I used to use the option to exclude visited links a lot and its been broken since firefox changed how it handles history.
  • the description says nothing.
  • I know it's free but it's really frustrating: When I try to download files using linky it failes and the error console shows the entry: "Linky - Exception while trying to download! - info: [Exception... "Not enough arguments [nsIDownloadManager.addDownload]" nsresult: "0x80570001 (NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://linky/content/main.js :: LinkyContext.prototype.myfoundHeaderInfo :: line 831" data: no]"
    This bug has been reported a long time ago but there seems to be no developer to fix it.
    However when I use linky to open selected links in tabs it works as expected but I have to confirm the download for every single file and close tons of tabs afterwards.