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    This is so good I would PAY for it.

  • Johnson786 it is easy to fix: just drag the buttons on the menu toolbar or bookmarks toolbar. For me, I just use the safety,site traffic siteTools buttons. And all works fine. I also uninstalled Wot, because I prefer having opinion pool on site safety. Also I use sometime the context menu supersearch because i can search by theme.

  • In my case LinkExtened took the place of several others extensions. It's really helpful. Just try it!

  • I like this much better than Web of Trust, which people's emotions influence way too much.

    Though WOT is included, I like having the ratings of the other services, since I'm more concerned with malware/spyware than content and morality.

    I usually hide the toolbar itself and if needed, a right-click and a checkmark brings it right up so that's no big deal and the program isn't intrusive at all.

  • Very good extension, but I get Alexa warnings from my Symantec Endpoint Protection.

    Developer response

    Email us to support@linkextend.com or use our contact form at http://www.linkextend.com/contact/ Please provide more details about your problem, so we can try to solve it.

  • As soon as you guys add the ability to block harmful sites (ala WOT) I could see this become a major Firefox add-on

  • Fine addon convenient and many useful functions

  • Thank you for this wonderful link tool. I am amazed at all that it can do, like letting you look right inside a website before you're actually there. Had a problem using the options in Firefox Tools, but the options work fine in the LinkExtend menu. I love that I can tailor it to suit my needs in so many different ways. I highly recommend it.

  • Great tool! Very useful.

  • A great tweak for my surfing routine! I especially liked the SiteTools button which practically lets you access all the cool stuff in web-page without the burden of actually go over the entire page and looking for that link, file or whatever. Great Job, Linkular!

  • It's a great tool as everything yotam makes. enjoy it.

  • I just installed this add-on and it's a goldmine. I especially like seeing it next to my Google results, and I've just begun using it's super search box to find great links and learn all about them before I visit them. Thanks for this comprehensive surfing tool.