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  • last update 29. May 2013 :( Of course no support for Firefox 57+
    Before that it was a nice addon
  • 很不錯的一個附加元件
  • This thing needs an extreme overhaul update. Many of its links are long out of date, and some of its features just don't work.
  • Don't download.
  • Please refresh the addon for new versions of browsers firefox and google chrome
  • Seems to be abandoned. Wish I could give it ZERO stars.
  • Unable to download. Currently have FF 21.0 as of today's date 061013. Hope it changes in near future, would like very much to try this add-on.
  • dieses Addon kann egal welches Land keine verbindung zum server aufbauen. kurz und knapp es geht nicht. download nicht verfügbar!
  • this addon used to work before, but now it does not, it does not show anything in any seach engine, i did everything possible and nothing, i even downgrade firefox and upgrade it again several times, (used diferent ver. of FF) i install and uninstall this addon several times too and NOTHING makes it work back again, sorry but if is does not work it becomes completelly useless, i reccomend you to use another one instead, maybe seoquake (even when is is kind of annoying).
  • According to LinkExtend, the website: https://www.txn. banking.pcfinancial.ca/ is safe as it's ok'd by Web of Trust, Site Advisor, Browser Defender, Web Security Guard, and Compete.

    It is not President's Choice Financial (a Canadian bank), but it's a very good copy.

    What's the point of having LinkExtend if it gives false positives?

    Also I couldn't find anywhere on the Link Extend site to ask this. I went to Linkular and was asked to fill in way too many questions to sign up.
    I'm really disappointed because I thought I was getting some security with this.
  • Mir gefällt Linkextend. Hier habe ich eine Beschreibung für euch: http://www.tooltricks.de/wie-kann-ich-mehr-uber-die-vertrauenswurdigkeit-einer-internetseite-erfahren/
  • You can individually define this toolbar so you can leave some more Addons which lets your browser work faster I think.

    Choose your
    - searching machines generally and also out of a wide range of a theme-centered collection
    - security managers (WOT, Norton, McAfee and four others) which tell you about trustworthyness of your visited website
    - many filter-options
    - some interesting tools to lern s.th. about the visited website
    - preview tools
    - wordmarker
    and and and...

    If this seems too big for you then you also can deny every single tool!

    Very cool and very helpful also! I like that! (without the silly thumb..(-;)
  • Other reviewers have reported that the "Safety" button (one of the most valuable aspects of this add-on) is not visible on the toolbar even when it is a checked selection on the toolbar tab of the options menu. I had the same experience but a little exploration paid off.

    If you select the "Safety" button but do not see it on the LinkExtend toolbar, close LinkExtend options menu and right click on the Firefox toolbar and select "Customize". In the large box containing the unused buttons, you should find the Safety button. It will be easier to identify if you had checked the LinkExtend toolbar option to display the toolbar button text. Drag the Safety button to where you want it, either onto the LinkExtend toolbar or onto the Firefox toolbar.

    If you do the latter, and don't want to use the LinkExtend toolbar and search function, you can even disable the LinkExtend toolbar and the Safety button will still function the same way as if you had installed it on the LinkExtend toolbar. Problem solved.
  • I think it's a great idea, but it's just too big for me.
    Tested it on Aurora and worked perfekt. You guys with FF < 9, upgrade to the newest final version!
  • :) unlike LE1.14 (which make all my toolbar buttons disappear), LE1.1.5 work great except 1 small bug, LE thumbnail preview is always loading blank image on google/yahoo search result page & that also apply to LE context menu...
  • LinkExtend had been a great help. Sadly the generous array of possibilities do not seem to deliver results.
    Sadly since up-dating, the toolbar stays blank and the search engine results are covered by the LinkExtend icons.
    I do look forward to a fixed LinkExtend.
  • I would donate -- if the latest version was not FAULTY.

    The LE toolbar is now TOTALLY BLANK both in Pale Moon 3.6.27 and FFox 3.6.24, since the last LE update.

    Please fix ASAP. Thanks.
  • 非常有用!
  • I tried Link Extend as a possible alternative for McAfee Site Advisor which no longer works with Firefox. I found this add-on to be overly complex, with a dizzying array of ratings of every type imaginable. It even installed a new toolbar to hold it all. The settings boxes were confusing with way too many choices. Once I started surfing with it, the safety ratings were greyed out and unusable. That was when I gave up and uninstalled this bloated add-on and went to Web of Trust which works like a charm with very little fuss.
  • 7 Safety Services and 6 KidSafe Services. No other addon comes close.
  • I only use the "Safety" feature from this add-on. I find that feature to be the best of it's kind compared to similar ones. Though it does not show the icon on images in search engines and raw url links. You have to right click to view it's ratings. The other features were interesting, but heavily impacted and clustered the browser when all enabled. I highly recommend this add-on solely for the "Safety" feature, but the "KidSafe" and "Ethics" features are quite nice too.
  • Very useful extension, thank you for creating and publishing it.

    1.1.3 is causing major performance issues (pages slow to load, and often timing out) on my Windows 7 machine however. Firefox 4.0.1.

    Didn't have these issues with 1.1.2.
  • I have for years used LinkExtend when using search motors! LE makes my surfing very secure! I have just updated from FF3.6.17 to FF4.0.1! LE works excellent, but the search motor objects are now placed too far to the left overlapping the text of the sitelist. Easily fixed in the next LE version!
  • Disregard my May 20 review.
    Fixed by going to another login profile, installing the toolbar and going back to my profile.
  • "Great in theory, but a lot of the time the context menu (the most useful aspect so far as I'm concerned) just doesn't work."
    I should have added - I'm using Firefox 3.6.16, & the context menu doesn't work...