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For those concerned with their browsing privacy:

Websites using a certain method that exploits the fact that the links that you visited have a different color, can see the most popular of the websites that you visit (like shows you).

To avoid this you can go to about:config, find layout.css.visited_links_enabled and double-click it to change to "false". The disadvantage is that you can no longer distinguish the links that you've already visited. So here is where this addon comes in, which seems to work via a different way than the one that websites can exploit.

This is the deal as I understand it (and someone who knows more can correct me if I'm wrong). I know there are also other advantages of this addon, but I send this message for those who like me are concerned mainly with privacy/security.

Review: It works great. I would appreciate also if you could make an additional way of viewing the link status messages, instead of showing them in the status bar. I usually have the status bar disabled and I had to enable only for this addon.