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  • I am using this addon v3.5 on Firefox v62 under Windows 7. This addon is great!
    I have setting, "Above browser's native overlink panel (with no URL shown by default)", Offset from bottom: 16.

    When I visit a page with maximized Firefox window and hover my mouse over a link, this addon perfectly displays last visited date just above the link text in the native overlink panel.
    However, if I set Firefox window to normal state and resize it with smaller window width, a horizontal scroll bar appears in Firefox window. At this moment, if I hover the link in the page, the last visited date is not perfectly located just above the link text in the native overlink panel. There is a gap between them. So, the position is affected by the horizontal scroll bar.
    I made an issue on github about this gap, see https://github.com/jaatroko/link-status-redux/issues/13 for details. Edit: fixed in version 3.6.
  • it doesn't work for me
    Well, that is unfortunate, but without any details all I can do is offer generic debugging advice: make sure you have the latest version of LSR, try with a clean profile and default settings without any other add-ons installed. Also note that with default settings LSR does not display anything if the link is not visited.
  • For the bookmark bar can not work in F61.0.2?
    No. Unless you have knowledge to the contrary, the WebExtension API has not been amended to allow this.
  • Thanks for the developer, works fine except on one site (http://www.infosva.org/index.php). If I disable the add on (version 3.4)the site works (no error 404). Tried with old version 3.0 and works fine.
    This is the exact same problem that I run into a month or so ago on a different site. I developed the fix, but did not hurry with a new version as it was only that one site (for me).

    This is fixed in version 3.5, see https://github.com/jaatroko/link-status-redux/commit/4ebda746fc85340790e2a7ed3fb19c3daaa9b51b if you want to know the details.
  • LOVE IT :D
    love it love it, thank you Sir :D
  • Many thanks for migrating addon to WebExtensions and making it compatible with Fx57+ :-). Do you think it is possible with current WE API to handle also bookmarks (for example in bookmarks toolbar)?
    **Edit: I didn't delete (at least intentionally) my previous review with your answer - it was automatically removed by AMO when I posted this one...
    With the current API, not really. Technically, a WE can create its own sidebar and populate it with the bookmarks. BUT: it's a bit out of scope for LSR, it's a fair amount of effort for questionable gain, and it won't be as good as the native bookmarks sidebar anyway (no favicons; colors and folder etc. icons won't be OS/Firefox-themed).
  • This is the most useful and most important addon. And I use a lot of addons. Thany you.
  • Any plans to add e10s support? It works great in older versions but will it continue in the future?
    I've thought about it, but probably won't bother until I have to. That is to say, it *seems* to work OK if I force e10s on (if about:support is to be trusted), so unless/until LSR is the only one of the addons that I use (counting only the popular ones) that blocks automatic enabling of e10s I won't bother. (There is also the fact that LSR "integrates" with Status-4-Evar and thus will have to be compatible with it framework-wise.)
  • Does not work with Firefox46 and 45.
    Fixed in version 2.5.
  • Hello.
    Please, make an option to place info in tooltips (addons.cdn.mozilla.net/user-media/previews/full/24/24922.png).
  • Still works with latest versions of Firefox.
    Are you interested by a French translation?
    Well not personally, but French-speaking users might appreciate it ;-) If you want to provide a translation, send it (files under chrome/locale/$LANG/ and a description and translator credits to go into install.rdf) to me at jhaATikiDOTfi.
  • Not any freeze or crash, simply do not function
    (no symbol before the URL in status bar).
    Redirect Remover here -

    Works without issues with Redirect Cleaner
    (now removed from AMO), was here -
    now here -

    Works without issues with Clean Links
    (even with modified/custom version of CL).
    Clean Links here -

    Works without issues with 80 other add-ons in my system -
  • Very usefull!
  • great plugin, but does not work with https.
    (especially on linkedin.com)
    I doubt that it has anything to do with https. My guess would be escaped special characters in the URL being the cause for LSR not working, see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=817374 (I don't know if there's any way to work around this, and I haven't had time to check into it further, especially as it works well enough in my own use.)
  • Now I don't have to remember the date of my last visit.
    Works very good.
    Thank you.
  • Очень удобно, благодарю.
  • Would be awesome if there was an option for it to show up as a tooltip.
    Yes, the idea has crossed my mind. However, there could be some problems, such as tooltip pop-up delay, or interference with alt text or with other extensions using tooltips. I will probably look into this if/when I have time.
  • I'm fully sutisfied
  • Works finally with my Firefox 19.0 !
    So another good add, very usefull when it does work :-)
    Had a hard time with it ! And still don't know why !
    However, now I' m glad... :-)
  • Support for "real" last visit times (which might be older than the very last ("accidental") click) works like a charm! (version 2.2)

    Superfast implementation, Very flexible and clean solution.

    Many thanks to Juha Aatrokoski!
  • Does exactly what it says. It's a real help, and has no issues whatsoever. Would love having more options, but that is an addition. Hope it gets updated and further developed.
  • ☻ If possible add an option to select an image instead of a symbol. And other option to custom background. And for text color? I need to combine with FF themes ☻Well... I'll try with some CSS code. Thanks for your fast answer ☻
    Link Status Redux is more easily portable (and also easier to implement ;-) because it doesn't have its own UI elements, but instead modifies the value of an already existing text element. Adding support for images would depart from this and thus be a lot of work, so I will not be doing it. However, if someone else manages to do it well, I would consider adding their patches to the code.

    As for text and background color, those should follow the theme as only the text is changed. See the review "More customization (For Aides)" by Stef for hints on how to change color based on visited/bookmarked status.
  • Thank you for your perfect work!

    Bug 147777 has been fixed in Firefox 4, so you can remove this option (https://developer.mozilla.org/en/CSS/Privacy_and_the_:visited_selector).

    I use icon ✰ (alternatives: ✩ ★ ☆) for bookmarked links (similar to default Firefox bookmark star icon) and icon ⌚ for visited links (similar to default Firefox history clock icon).
  • Hi aides,

    In this case, you just need to use the provided below code but to filter on the prefix you used in the option panel for the bookmarked and visited links. As example:

    { ... }


    { ... }

    With the above filters, you can even set different text/background colors and other customizations for for the bookmarked and visited links :)))

    The Non-Visited and Non-Bookmarked linked will stay intact. You can customize it with ".statuspanel-label{ ... } " (Ex: Padding, Marging, etc).

    Hope this help!
    Stef, An Happy "Link Status Redux" add-on user
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