really possible conflict problem Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Thanks for your answer !
I use Windows XP Pro (don't like 7 !) and my Firefox 8.0 is the Windows 32 bit French version (in Geneva, Switzerland, we're used to speak French :-)
But as I use ~25 adds-on (AdBlock Plus, Autopager, BetterPrivacy, CookiesKiller, Custom Tab Width, Flashblock, Greasemonkey, gTranslate, Mouse Gestures Redox, Movable Firefox Button, NoScript, Nuke Anything Enhanced, Optimize Google, Personnal Menu, Remove New Tab Button, Tab Scope and Add-on Compatibility Reporter + 2 users scripts (Google Bar Classic and Google Hit Hider by Domain), + a few ones generaly deactivated because I use them only once in a while, I think it would be very difficult to find out where the conflict comes from, or it would take too long time... unfortunately...
The Bitacora developer asked me if a use a theme, yes : Glass – Milk
As I answered to him, I will try to deactivate the theme and see if there is a positive reaction from your add !
If ever, I will just add a new comment :-)
That's all... and best regards :-)

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