Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Outstanding filtering, auto-sorting, removing duplicates, easiness to use, speed and working with other plugins like re-pagination. I don't even care I can hardly see the options of the menu. This add-on is almost what I needed. The "almost" comes from auto-sorting and removing duplicates standing in my way (easy to remove though) since I need to extract the links in the exact order they appear and with all the duplicates. The links accompanied by their title (anchor) would be a great feature if added. -- Actually I need to extract things like this one: <a name="m_1580501"></a>368.&nbsp;<a href="javascript:ShowUserDataPage(26176911);">SoulOfLife</a> where points of interest are: 1580501, 368, 26176911, SoulOfLife. When (if ever) I'll know JavaScript, I'll do it myself, but until then I rely on smarter people.

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