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  • uknow what is also annoying 'bookmark all' function doesnt bookmark tabs with url address just leaves blank, Im not sure if this addon will fix that annoyance even if the url takes over for title would give some indication

  • Pirate Andy's update works great for me in FF 3.0.4, Mac and PC. Thanks!

  • I hope you are planning to update your extension for Firefox 3 because for now, I don't know any way to fix this : https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64488

  • Edited to be compatible with FF3:


  • This is a really great extension, one of the many that make the web a bearable place.
    I really hope to see a version to FF3, it would be sad to see this extension discontinued.

  • finally firefox returns to being #1 for all my web.browsing...thanx to this plug.in...all those broken ebay links were really annoying...