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  • Wonderful extension. I'm sick of always being unsure where links will take me, and this solves that problem. The review that said they feel crippled when they use a browser without it is completely right.

    Minor glitches, but nothing that ruins it. It's a great idea, executed rather well.
  • Excellent idea, and well implemented indeed. This tool is one of the leading tools makes firefox one step ehead of others. Good job!
  • i wanted this most for the new window alert
    however it is very problematic that this alert is not reliable:
    on links in yahoo mail it shows new window but opens in the same window. on www.ynet.co.il it doesnt show new window when it should (opens in new window)
  • Good work! This is very useful
  • I've grown so used to Link Alert, that I feel handicapped whenever I use a computer without it.
  • Useful extension. Does not always work - often misses .pdf files. Sometimes the symbol is half a screen away - you really have to look for it! Nevertheless I recommend this useful tool.
  • Works great and is very useful, but has trouble with some frame/iframe based sites. A way to exclude specific URLs would be awesome.
  • I enjoy using this add-on.
  • I love this extension!

    I'm a student/programmer and always want to know if I'm about to click on a PowerPoint. Any way you could add an icon for that? Then it would absolutely perfect!