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  • no work
  • I love this extension! It allowed me to get rid of the shonky usercontent.css hacks that I was previously using to achieve a similar effect (but much more limited).

    I was worried that the icon display would somehow be laggy and sluggish (which would have really annoyed me) but it's not at all.

    The thing I like most is how comprehensive the options are. You can change any of icons to ones of your choosing and position exactly where the icon should display using the pixel offset setting.

    The only slight downside, as others have already said, is that you can't use negative X & Y offset values to raise icon position or move it to the left of the pointer icon. Other than that, it's all good. 5 stars.
  • Super!
  • Wow, once you start using this, you'll not want to miss it! My statusbar is always visible and I check links before I click them, but this makes it so much easier, a very welcome feature that should be a standard part of Firefox!
  • It displays icons incorrect for link on toolbars (icons are not next to the cursor, but on website area).
  • Sir should implement a link Cheker, when passing the mouse over the link that displays an icon in form of "X" of red color if the link does not exist, now if link exist that displays an icon in form of "aspa" of green color .
  • Improves my surfing experience, nice work.
    Maybe it would be possible to check on mime-headers to, to ensure correctness, but probably this would only mess things up.
  • Won't reflect some icons as: .torrent, .reg, rss and some other
    Browser: FF3
  • It often obscures the link text, but this can be fixed by increasing the pixel offset of the icon. Negative offsets don't seem to work.

    One "bug" - it expands the icon when you have expanded the screen in Firefox 3 via ctrl-+.

    1. allow choosing negative offsets so icon could be left or above mouse pointer
    2. allow choosing the size of the icon.

  • very useful visual tip while surfin, one of my essential add-ons. thank u.
  • nice idea, somewhat useful
  • Really NICE! It works as described and can be customized to work with virtually any link type. Fly over a link and you immediately see what the target type is. The author also thoughtfully provided a choice of icon size. Use the provided icons, or provide your own. Thanks conlan. Well done.
  • amazing!!
  • This needs to be a feature of Firefox proper! The ability to know what kind of URL is hidden behind that innocent-looking hyperlink is obscenely useful and this implementation is seamless. I would not go back to the time before I found this addon.
  • Ein sehr nützliches Tool.... leider ist das Einstellmenü für mich trotz dreisprachigkeit nicht lesbar/übersetzbar...
  • Great add-on! Like the widgets and it's very useful!
  • Works OK on Fxb5. Compatibility check must be disabled in about:config
  • One of the most useful addons for Firefox. Would never leave home without it.

    Have tested it for use with Firefox 3b5 and it works just exactly as it should. Had to edit the install file, but it works all the same for all you folk at the cutting edge version.
  • This worked great until i started using firebug a while back. but when you try to inspect an item with firebug and lick on it link alert takes the focus away because its technically showing you the little icon in a div.
    works great, but had to uninstall because of this.
  • this let you decide whether to open a link before you open it. It is very helpful.
  • It works fine in Firefox 3 Beta 4. Follow the instructions at grandstreamdreams.blogspot.com/2005/12/hacking-fox.html, but change the maxVersion to 3.*
  • This is one of my favorite extensions.

    I hope it gets updated for FF 3.0+
  • Is there any possibility to add icons for sites?
    E.g. I want to know that a file is hosted on rapidshare (or whatever) more than it is an archive.
    In fact, I wanted to add this as a protocol (http://rapidshare.com/) but this extension separates real protocol from the site name.
    So is there any walkaraund?
  • One of my biggest annoyances is clicking on a link only to find out (after I clicked) that it is not a regular web page! This extension lets me know what kind of file I'm about to click on before I click. The icons look nice too.