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  • It works as supposed to. Only minus I've noticed is that if you click a (javascript) link for printing a page, the indicator-icon(s) appear in the print. Would have noticed dev directly about this, but he doesn't provide info for contacting.
    I'm glad you like it. This issue has been reported before and I am looking into it.
  • Excellent. Just a little incompatibility with "Dark background and Light Text": The background of the box is no longer displayed.
    Could you fix ? Thank You.
    I'm glad you like it. Thanks for letting me know about that problem, I'll look into it.
  • I have been using the add-on for a long time and found it to be very useful. There is, however, at least one issue with the new version (2.0.0). The link icon that pops up doesn't vanish any more when the page is printed (using a "print" link in the webpage itself), but remains visible on the printed page.

    I think there was an option to turn off the printing of the icon in the old version of LinkAlert, but I cannot find it in the option menu of version 2.0.0 any more.

    (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Firefox 57.0.2 64-bit, German language settings)
  • To Dev: Change 'realtive' to 'relative' in ./src/mousebox.js or examine your console for errors. (v 2.0.0)
    Thanks for the heads up, It'll be fixed in the next version.
  • STOP posting non working updates!
    I'm sorry to hear you are having a problem with Link Alert. Could you please explain exactly what the problem is? Please also include the version of Firefox, what operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), and the language Firefox is set to. This will help me fix your issue as fast as possible. Thank you.
  • Have used and enjoyed this extension since a long time ago. However, after porting it it ceased to work altogether on FF developer, whereas it still functioned as a legacy add-on before the latest update.
  • thank you!!
  • Thanks for porting it! The extension got even better!

    (doesn't seem to work in nightly 58.0 at the moment, however?)
  • one of the most useful add-on.
    unfortunately it doesn't work in multi-process mode for me still
    Good news! The latest version has been updated for e10s.
  • Good luck
  • Are you planning to add e10s support? Right now Link Alert is shown as incompatible by Addon Compatibility Reporter and on the e10s site: https://www.arewee10syet.com/#1711
    You'll be glad to know an e10s version is in the works. It's an almost complete re-write so it may take sometime.

    Edit: Good news! The latest version has been updated for e10s.
  • test11
  • Latest version slowdown firefox after some time after start. 1.0.2 don't have this problem.
  • great work
  • This is the kind of add-on you install and forget. You forget it not because it is not working or useless, but because it should be a built-in feature !
    It really miss me if I don't have it.
  • An excellent extension that does what it says.

    I hope it continues to work, as it has not been updated since 2011.
  • Awesome addon! One of the ones I always be sure to add to new installs of FireFox. :)
  • Easy and efficient as all great things are.
    Thank you!
  • Muito útil! Funciona perfeitamente
  • 5+
  • Link Alert conveys the information effectively without distracting me; I know what the link is without thinking about it.

    One suggestion: Make the icons for secure sites and insecure sites more visually distinctive. There is only a tiny difference between them. Perhaps make them dfiferent colors?

    Thanks again.
  • Very usefull!
  • Such a small mod but so useful.

    There are many ways it's helpful, such as to know whether a link will open in a new tab or replace the one you're in (if you're on a site with endless scroll you'd lose your place, or lose text you've entered).

    It's also helpful to know if a download link points to the actual file or if the link goes to a 2nd download page (it's annoying to "save link as..." on a link to later realize the link wasn't the actual file).

    It's also helpful to know if a hyperlink is javascript, because it usually won't work to middle-click on it to open in a new tab.

    Those are just a few examples.
  • Hello!
    Like really great extension! I had the same kind of Maxthon ^ ^ that is his that I had something like that!
    I like the personalization system ... but the trouble is that we do not know exactly what icon belongs to what extent ... For example for the applications icon is related to what kind of file types?
    If you have a list of descriptive icons and extensions appear in the following overview of the cursor I'd be really happy! Thank you for this add-on, good luck ;)
  • As advertised. Great plugin anyways!