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  • Unable to install. Firefox crashes.
  • The Best Tool I have ever used for remarks
    Amazing many thanks
    I Love this tool
    5 STAR Is my rating

    many thanks
  • Update of LINER is the best thing ever happened to Firefox.
  • Exactly what I was looking for! Highlights on the page, keeps the highlights, saves the highlights and saves the link to the page! BUT it did take a few minutes to understand how to use. A tutorial would be really helpful.
  • Its good, but its bad. It broke my localhost/phpMyAdmin coz a CSS injected by this extension has a pretty common class name and applys to many .
  • Other extensions provide the ability to highlight without secretly betraying the user's browsing behavior to third parties. LINER's extension description should either explicitly notify potential users that it does so or LINER should be withdrawn entirely!
  • This extention reports your browser usage to many 3rd party trackers including but not limited to facebook and twitter.
    I was wondering why I was getting twitter notifications about things I was recently researching. It was this extension that had leaked the info.

    The add-on makes the browser connect to the following sites, and report browser usage on every page you visit to at least these domains;

    Turn on blocking of all third party cookies; the evidence shows up under content-blocked cookies.
  • I used to have a highlight extension that was as SIMPLE as this: Indicate what is to be highlighted...go to highlight icon and BOOM...it's highlighted.
    With Liner it's hit or miss...Mostly miss. Here's what I'm doing.
    I inicate what I want... then go to the toolbar and click the Liner Icon...then back to the passage and nothing happens...no highlight.
    I'm confused
    Please HELP
  • good idea, good design, but not works properly and sync between PC and mobile so good, especially link with pocket and instapaper. and article numbers in iPad are not accurate.
  • Liner works fine, but it is inconvenient to have to log in every time I want to use it. I will probably look for another add-on.
  • They changed the free highlighting color to be such a bright yellow that it is almost the same as white. This extension is now basically useless unless you pay to upgrade, because you can't really see the highlighting anymore.
  • Breaks a number of websites that uses Javascript to bring up in page dialog boxes. e.g. contact us link on this page: "https://help.shopmoment.com/article/102-can-i-request-to-have-my-personal-data-removed"
  • good
  • it logs out on its own
  • i need to login to use a HIGHLIGHTER (i do not trust these people)
  • You can not delete your account!