Catastrophic google calendar failure Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I know this is free and I appreciate the ingenuity and hard work that goes into something like this, but I am so acutely irritated and angry that I'm looking for alternatives to Thunderbird. Everything was working fine for months, years even. I had TB 4 and an old version of Lightning on my Mom's machine. I had her set up with gmail and everything has worked flawlessly for years. All of a sudden, 4 days ago, my Mom was changing an appt date in the calendar. TB crashed. When I started it up again, I had to start in safe mode because it wouldn't start. It only showed up as a process, but it was invisible on the monitor. After disabling all extensions and add-ons, the app ran. When I enabled the extensions and add-ons, the app wouldn't run. I uninstalled Lightning. The app ran. I installed the latest v of TB and Lightning and the app won't run. She's on Vista. I then went to my Mom's gmail account on the web and her calendar was empty! In fact, it was like a new google calendar that hadn't been set up yet. She lost 2 years of my data entry into her calendar. I can restore it from mine, but not using TB as it won't run with Lightning on her Vista machine. At this point, all I want to do is get rid of everything mozilla. I'm sorry but, if you've ever lost a lot of data due to a software/hardware failure, you should know how I feel. This is not a bug report. This is my review of an app that catastrophically failed me. I posted about this in the forums, but no reply. I am quite done with FF and TB. However, I would like to thank the developers for all their hard work. They created a couple of outstanding products. Unfortunately data loss is not something I care to repeat, if at all possible.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.5.2). 

Hi. I am sorry to hear about this dataloss and I would very well be interested in why this is happening. We don't have any methods that could be accidentally called to delete all events of a calendar, except for the local storage calendar (although we took great care that this method is not called accidentally). I can't explain the crashes without a stackdump or crashreporter ID, but in general this doesn't mean your data is lost.

Modifying a single event on a calendar will not cause other events to be affected, unless its an ICS type calendar, which is not the case for Google Calendar (either CalDAV, or Provider for Google Calendar).

Maybe your Mom has accidentally been adding events to the Home calendar and didn't notice? This can happen easily when the Home calendar is selected in the calendar list, all new events will be created on that calendar unless explicitly set. In this case its just a matter of extracting the events from the local storage calendar. If you send me your local.sqlite and prefs.js via email (mozilla at kewis dot ch) then I can extract the events as an .ics file for you.