Need a bugfix with some locales Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Very useful addon, but with recent versions of firefox, a bug regarding the option dialog appears.
The dialog opens, but the only content is an error report.
Here is the content, in Italian language:
Errore interpretazione XML: entità non definita
Indirizzo: chrome://lget/content/options.xul
Linea numero 35, colonna 1:
<dialog id="lget-options-dialog"

It seems the options.xul file can't find entities defined in locale file options.dtd. Could you fix the problem?

The problem was due to the inability to read accented characters in the dtd file.

Problem solved converting the dtd file in UTF-8 encoding
All Italian users (and all users with accented characters in their localization) can easily fix the extension opening the xpi file with a zip manager (I used 7zip) and converting the file in UTF-8 with an advanced text editor (I used notepad2).