Fantastic! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is a great extension, and really is a wonderful way to keep me from getting lost on facebook, and other sites where I can spend far more time than I would have chosen. I highly recommend it.

The countdown timer in the lower right corner, and the warning option are great, and the timer gives me warning to wrap it up when I am writing a long message to a friend, or a post I think is funny, inspired, etc. I don't have to worry that the page will suddenly lock down on me, with my fancy words lost in the either.

Thanks for the product, and for giving me that time back!

WOW: Thanks for such a quick response. Yep, it is exactly as you said, and as I would have done it myself. Love it all the more. Thanks.

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Countdown and warning

Thanks for the feedback!

Note that both a countdown timer and a warning message are available in the options (look under the General tab).