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  • not compatible with quantum version of firefox!
    Correct. That's clearly stated in the add-on description. This is a legacy extension. For Quantum, use LeechBlock NG.
  • After upgrading Firefox to version 57 LeechBlock is stopped working. I would like to backup the previous settings and import to the latest LeechBlock NG, but I can't remember where it is. How to recover the old settings?
  • I really like leechblock. Is my favorite extension. I hope you guys will adapt it for the new version of firefox!
    Already done! Search for LeechBlock NG on this site.
  • The options for each Block Set are wide and easy to understand.
    I'd like a more intuitive user interface though. The current one looks old-school
  • Definitely an addon I would recommend. It has a HUGE potential for productivity if used correctly. It limits your time on sites, whether you want it to be at set times of the day or if you'd rather have a stop watch so that you don't go over an amount of time that you choose. Of course you can also lock it down manually if the need ever arises. If you need to get work done with a little bit of help focusing then THIS is the app for you.
  • This is perfect. I recommended it to a whole room of prospective PhD students as the #1 reason I've passed everything from my GCSEs to Undergrad in Biomedical Science. 5 stars. Love it.

    Only hope it stays free and keeps updating with Firefox!
  • Been using this plugin for a long time, it's simply: excellence
  • I like it. Been using it for years now. Tell it what to block and when. If you try to go to one of the blocked pages a LeechBlock page will show up instead and remind you that the page has been blocked, and when it will be unblocked.

    Might be nice if I could edit the block pages. Maybe to give myself a note what else I could do or something. (with an option to revert to default if I mess up on this)

    "I am hoping John will have enough spare time to port for firefox 57+. If not, I still will give it 5 stars, and I may stay on an early firefox version."

    I'm staying with the ESR version of FireFox which gives me a few more months before new current FireFox versions will fail to work with some older extensions that have worked with earlier versions of FireFox for years.
  • Great, totally useful
  • Also has options to hide to use as parental control
  • It does exactly what it says it does on the tin. The rest is, of course, up to myself.
  • Excellent little add-on. What the hell, though, these Mozilla nerds are thinking that keep redesigning Firefox so no add-on works anymore will always remain a mystery to me. Surely at some point, all it's users are just going to give up and go Chrome or Edge? I think I am finally done with Firefox.
  • Extremely useful
  • Can anyone tell me why i have an obsolet sign on LeechBlock in my installed extension list ?
  • Very good. There's many useful ways to configure the blocking behavior. I've not experienced any bugs yet. :)
  • Does what it should and is good at that. Helps me stay focused while studying for uni. 5/5
  • saving my time
  • Eu nunca vi algo parecido, simplesmente SENSACIONAL! Next month, i'll donate some money for you.
  • Ex : I hate surf on facebook.com
    But i like to surf group facebook like
    whitelist https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnJavascript/
  • Helps me stay on task. Because it adds a lot of value for me, I'm committing to a $50 donation if James finishes the Firefox 57 version by November 15th. (And at least $20 if he releases it at any point)
  • I loved this addon, it works as promised and helped me to kept distracted by various website.

    I am hoping John will have enough spare time to port for firefox 57+. If not, I still will give it 5 stars, and I may stay on an early firefox version.

    For all people who gave 1 star because of the incompatibility with Firefox 57.0, please read the FAQ and help James with a donation.
  • Neet change the code for support 57.0 version
  • Not closed block site,, shit. Closed myself with manual. Wothless program,
  • Excellent. It works as promised.
    It would be nice to add a simple lock / unlock option: By pressing it, you could lock it until you press it again.
  • Many many options and yet very easy to use. I've been using LeechBlock for several years; I hope it will be updated to survive the switch to WebExtensions.