Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Since Firefox 9, contributing to Wikipedia has been a hell, thanks to those stupid, bad and naughty scripts that I hate with all of my heart. Lazarus seems fine to social networking sites and all, but when I have to forcibly reboot Firefox when it is completely irresponsive to Windows for more than 30 minutes, or 5 hours, all of the various edits I was doing to Wikipedia, out of inspiration, are lost. Why doesn't Lazarus get consistent about edits to a wiki? Few of them are saved, others pass completely out of perception. Please, developers, help me. Your work is just fine and great, but it doesn't help to what annoys me the most about Firefox' (as well Chrome's) lack of responsiveness to such a major issue. As soon as it starts to work properly, I'll add the 5th star. If no one answers in a month (an obvious day, that of the End of the Mayan Calendar) as happens with the pages of many Firefox extensions, it will be reduced to 3.BTW, I would love to donate, but it is too complicated to do so. Student and minor, only English-speaking member of the family, worker class in an underdeveloped country.
Update: I had to decrease it to 2. The Chrome one is really worse than that of Firefox. -.-