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  • 98% of the time IT DOES NOT WORK! It does not show as an option and when it does it has no data saved. A search through the history will sometimes show that it has the data but mostly not.
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  • 1.Does not sync with Firefox sync. Mozilla provide this option for addons data
    2.If it was open source I could trust it on Tor. Don't worry about ripoffs they will not be open source because they will be caught easily (If there is piracy tracker for codes just like the ones that exist for detecting journals copying)
    3.It store lots of dublicates
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  • emazing
  • This is one of the first add-ons I install. It has saved me more times than I can count, when there has been a power failure, or some kind of glitch that results in what I've written not appearing. The fact that it's not compatible with Firefox Quantum is one of many reasons I'm glad I've moved to Pale Moon.
  • I used this for years. Now, just another thing that Firefox has fucked up.
  • Finally found a good replacement for this long time dead and extremely useful addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/form-history-control/
  • The best and the most useful extension!
  • I used this addon for ages, but what gives? Update it for the latest version already.
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  • This is a great Addons on Firefox , however , the Firefox start warring this Addone is no longer work on version 56 ,
    and this is pretty make me feel sad .
  • It's a shame this addon is no longer supported or updated. It has been a fantastic addon for Firefox and if you still use an older version, it remains a must have. How often I've typed out a long message, only to accidentally close the tab or window, or navigate away. Lazarus saves you in that respect by recovering all you had lost.

    Other addons sure try to do the same but not with the ease and automated efficiency of this. I can only wish a new version comes along, either as a fork or through the original developer, if they're OK.
  • Vermisse die App sehr. Hoffe, es gibt bald ein Upgrade oder Ersatz.
  • People calling idiot are themself idiots. It's mozilla's fault that they broke all these addons without giving any alternative.

    This reviews are not just to write if the addon works on latest version or not. The developer made a great piece of software that are nobody else did, nothing that actually works. So, it deserves 5 star.

    I am still using it with esr. So, it deserves 5 star. It's not nostalgia you idiot.

    Somebody also started crowdfunding. Try to contribute if you can instead of commenting:

    * https://github.com/lazarus-recovery/original_ff/issues/2#issuecomment-327317266
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/6yezci/crowdfunding_to_bring_back_lazarus_recovery_with/
  • No work!!! Update please.
  • Needs to be upgraded to work with CURRENT version of Firefox. Pointless/useless software otherwise. Could not trial in order to comment on usability. Lazarus... please come back. We need you!
  • Lazarus war eine große Hilfe in vielen Situationen. Leider verfolgt FF weiter und verstärkt die Politik der Arroganz. Früher war FF ein benutzerfreundlicher Browser, aber mit jeder neuen Vesion werden immer mehr Erweiterungen inkompatibel: ein Schlag ins Gesicht für alle ehrenamtlichen Entwickler, die zum großen Teil erst die Funktionen schreiben, die im Basis-FF eigentlich enthalten sein sollten. Ohne die wird FF allmählich überflüssig. Ich habe es langsam satt, auf meinem sehr schnellen Rechner 5 Sekunden und länger auf den Start von FF zu warten, hunderte von MB Speicher zu verschwenden (Edge und Opera verbrauchen einen Bruchteil davon) und dann noch immer mehr bevormundet zu werden, welche Erweitungen ich nun benutzen DARF und welche nicht. Diese Arroganz ist allmählich nicht mehr zu ertragen. Wenn sich da nichts weiter tut, wird mit Version 57 für mich Schluss sein.
    Die Bewertung mit 5 Sternen bezieht sich selbstredend nur auf diese rweiterung, nicht auf Firefox.
  • new update firfox not work lazarus
  • I used Lazarus for a long time and it saved me a lot of times. I'm tired of FF who removes time by time all my favorite add-ons with every update , who b.t.w makes my computer slower and slower and let it crash every day. I try to install now the 52.3.0 and close the update possibility. FF was once a user friendly browser but isn't anymore. Go back to that time FF and listen to your users !!!!
  • Please please please please please make this compatible with Firefox 57+!

    (It also slows my system badly, and when in a slow internet area as well, this forces me to disable Lazarus. Not noticeable when things are zippy anyway.)
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