Database pumps up endlessly and slows down Firefox Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I find it very useful – but I had to uninstall it for good, or unless there's a fix for the bloat up of the database. My Firefox slowed down significantly after a few days, during startup as well as while typing text into forms (the harddisk then scratches all the time like crazy). Of course, there's the option to delete the database. And once I did so, my profile folder now is 60 MB less. Although I chose in settings that I want to keep forms only for 24 hours, the database still pumps itself up endlessly. There's a fix needed for this, something that purges the database and compacts it automatically on a regular basis. But currently it's not an option for me to keep it installed as long as it's such a hog on Firefox. Now I'm using QuickNote add-on to write long texts first in a note and then copying it into the text box when finished. QuickNote has an auto-save function, so I don't have to worry. Enough for my needs for now. Hopefully Lazarus gets improved and I'd give it a second shot. Anyway, apart from the database problem – good work though.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.4). 


This is (hopefully) resolved in the latest version, which allows you to "vacuum" the database as and when required. Get it from

Also, just a gentle reminder about AMO reviews policy - rather than posting bug reports in a review you should use the support contact associated with the add-on (in this case, lazarusATinterclueDOTcom) to make a bug report rather than posting it in a review. If the add-on developer fails to respond appropriately, eg by fixing the bug in the next release, then talking about it in a review becomes more appropriate. Often there will be things about your system (eg, the operating system and firefox version) that the developer needs to known in order to debug the problem, and an AMO profile usually does not allow the addon author to find out who you are and ask these questions.