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  • I just love this theme for my laptop 2/10/2018
  • V Goood
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  • por que me gusta
  • I use LavaFox Purple, and reviewed that , but this part applies to every ZigBoom Theme.
    LavaFox/BlacFox are Awesome Themes, that Mozilla's "Chrome" Quantum (Firefox v57+) have abandoned, alongside many of mu must have extensions. Thing is they are must have's Quantum isn't, so I ditched it, for Pale Moon.
    This gives some info on keeping your Zigboom Theme.

    ZigBoom's Facebook Post
    -=< The Future of Firefox Themes >=-

    Mozilla announced that Firefox will stop supporting themes when version 57 hits the official channel. Since there are no signs of new theme API, Mozilla is disabling all 3rd party themes on the next version bump.
    Our themes LavaFox & BlackFox will keep supporting other Firefox Forks, mainly Waterfox & Pale Moon.
    The latest theme versions are fully compatible with Waterfox and will keep updating.
    Pale Moon is supported with themes version 2.5.0. Special version will be uploaded to Pale Moon's add-on site as soon as possible.
    All the themes are available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/4710003/

    Previous Versions Links
    So that answers my future concerns, and only leaves the Pale Moon's current v2.5.0 requirement.
    I've worked out the Previous versions link is same format used for the Extensions.
    You Simply add, the next line to any Add-ons base page address

    LavaFox V2 (Main Page Address)

    Adding the versions section, make sure to add a leading "/" if your Firefox address is missing it

    LavaFox V2 Version History

    Install v2.5.0, for Pale Moon until Zigboom can provide the custom Pale Moon Themes, which will be posted here
  • nice
  • Great theme!
    I especially love the colors: black with a nice-looking red-highlight color for the bookmarks library (when managing my bookmarks), context menu, and bookmarks menus.
    It doesn't work anymore in Firefox versions higher than 56; however, I just use the firefox-based Waterfox browser now.
    Works great in Waterfox!
  • I love this theme. but it won't let me use it on the updated firefox.
    Thanks for your review ! Firefox blocks all 3rd party themes & legacy add-ons at version 57. You can try Waterfox, it's fully compatible.
  • Ce theme est parfait pour moi seul bemol il est indique comme obsolete avec la nouvelle version de firefox (56.0.2), le theme marche bien mais les modules complementaires (ublock, ghostery, privacy badger, etc) ne sont pas visible ou n'affiche pas l'integralite du contenu, dommage pour le coup je suis oblige de passe par un theme plus classique pour y accede, merci a son developpeur
    Please report bugs on http://www.zigboom.com
  • Ist nicht schlimmer
  • Trop noir !
    j'aurais aimé un gris anthracite !
    Les icônes de la barre de menu sont à peine visibles !
    Donc des déclinaisons seraient bienvenues.
  • Avec lavafox v2
    Privacy badger ne s'affiche pas complètement .
    Please report bugs on http://www.zigboom.com
  • all time favorite for me.
  • Its really beautiful and makes Firefox even more readable. wowy!!!
    Thanks for your review !
  • Zigboom themes are incredible and easily the best available. However, it is still not well optimised for Windows 10. Looks fine when maximised but goes to hell when the window is restored. Frustrating because I really want to love it.
    Thanks for your review! Please contact us on http://www.zigboom.com and we'll check the bug you're describing.
  • Magnifique thème ! |FR|
  • yo creo que el creador deberia crear este tema en color amarillo o naranja o los dos combinados
  • Использую уже несколько лет, как установил вместе с мозилой на своем компьютере так и не меняю...

    но с последней версией мозилы возникла проблема:
    приложение открывается во весь экран, а при нажатии F11 появляется полоса с кнопками свернуть\растянуть\закрыть которая не работает. Верните, пожалуйста, режим когда есть строка только со вкладками.

    Причина именно в лавафокс, так как со стандартным внешним видом все режимы работают без проблем.

    Простите, что на русском и не в поддержку (не смог найти как туда написать)
  • Çok ayrı bir hava kattı, gayet güzel. Tek sıkıntı bazı simeler görünmüyor. Mesela seçenekler simgesi.
    Thank you for your review !