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  • i wish this could have been updated for firefox 57 (quantum)
  • I use LavaFox Purple, and reviewed that , but this part applies to every ZigBoom Theme.
    LavaFox/BlacFox are Awesome Themes, that Mozilla's "Chrome" Quantum (Firefox v57+) have abandoned, alongside many of mu must have extensions. Thing is they are must have's Quantum isn't, so I ditched it, for Pale Moon.
    This gives some info on keeping your Zigboom Theme.

    ZigBoom's Facebook Post
    -=< The Future of Firefox Themes >=-

    Mozilla announced that Firefox will stop supporting themes when version 57 hits the official channel. Since there are no signs of new theme API, Mozilla is disabling all 3rd party themes on the next version bump.
    Our themes LavaFox & BlackFox will keep supporting other Firefox Forks, mainly Waterfox & Pale Moon.
    The latest theme versions are fully compatible with Waterfox and will keep updating.
    Pale Moon is supported with themes version 2.5.0. Special version will be uploaded to Pale Moon's add-on site as soon as possible.
    All the themes are available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/4710003/

    Previous Versions Links
    So that answers my future concerns, and only leaves the Pale Moon's current v2.5.0 requirement.
    I've worked out the Previous versions link is same format used for the Extensions.
    You Simply add, the next line to any Add-ons base page address

    LavaFox V2-Blue (Main Page Address)

    Adding the versions section, make sure to add a leading "/" if your Firefox address is missing it

    LavaFox V2-Blue Version History

    Install v2.5.0, for Pale Moon until Zigboom can provide the custom Pale Moon Themes, which will be posted here
  • Presica atualizar para a nova versão, urgente.
  • I love this theme. but it won't let me use it on the updated firefox.
    Thanks for your review ! Firefox blocks all 3rd party themes & legacy add-ons at version 57. You can try Waterfox, it's fully compatible.
  • Das Add-one ist perfekt.Sieht so gut aus und läuft hervoragend mit Win 10.
    Thanks for your review!
    Thank you for your review !
  • Una delle migliori interfacce mai viste in Firefox! I miei complimenti!
  • excelente
  • All your themes are Excellent
    Small problem ,I have Ublock Origin And icon in tool bar not showing,Just a blank Button

    Still 5 star themes
  • Seriously Beautiful & Futuristic, Love It!~
    Thanks for such a nice review ! Enjoy !
  • esta genial tu tema :D mis colores favoritos
  • Loved it - just a nice feel to plain Firefox!
  • Excellent theme! Been using this theme since it hit the market. Unfortunately, this theme cannot be used with Yahoo toolbar on Firefox 36. It locks the browser up, then ask to stop a script from running. Hopefully whoever(Yahoo) has their head up their ass can get this fixed. Cause I gotta have my Lavafox theme.
    Thanks for your review ! very nice to hear you gotta have LavaFox ! :)
  • Muito bonito! Gosto muito! Continue com o desenvolvimento :)) . Abraços.
    Português - Brasil
    Thank you for your review ! keeping the development :)
  • I really love this theme, I was using the black one at first, but thanks to your many coloristic versions, I can change it when I grow bored.
    Sadly, for some time I had weird bug on some sites, including google, where my position bar(or whatever it is called in English, this position slider on right side,)
    disappears when site finishes loading, it can appear for a bit I I won't scroll for a short time, bur vanished again if I move my mouse over it. this bug appears only on yours themes, and I checked all add-ons so it is not a add-on collision bug.
    Hi markoatonc,
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Please contact us on http://www.zigboom.com/contact.html & we'll check it out ..

    EDIT: received email but could not reply (email address not existing), please re-send your email address, must be an error ..
  • I was a long time subscriber of the competitor, but since it's taking him forever to update his themes, plus HE IS A JERK, I started looking for alternatives.

    Shortly after, I came across this... I'm picky and all, but honestly, I was not even remotely disappointed with this at all! Why didn't I use this in the first place? Haha

    Keep up the good work!
    Thanks for your review! It's entertaining, informative & encouraging.
    No worries about jerks or slow updates around here :)
    LavaFox keeps compatibility with Nightly (currently Firefox version 33) so we're way ahead of time & terminate bugs months before they attack the default version :)
    If you find any bug, please let me know on http://www.zigboom.com & it'll get fixed quickly.
  • I have been using these themes for ages, and I love them. I couldn't figure out why my status bar is gone recently, and I went through all of my plugins one by one. I finally tested my themes and set myself back to the default theme and it was back. I like having a status bar because that's also where my plugins like noscript, flipclock, etc. are. Without the statusbar, it is much more difficult to see what is going on, and I also like to view what a link to follow or copy is when I hover over them. Aside from that recent issue, I love this theme. ;p
    Hi, thanks for your feedback!
    The status-bar isn't supported officially, here's a quick fix:
    Add this code to a new (empty) Stylish user-style:
    #addon-bar {
    visibility: visible !important;

    If the problem persist:
  • This is my favorite firefox theme, have been using it since forever. Unfortunately it does not work with the newest version of firefox (29) if tabs are set to go on the bottom like they used to - they actually appear too low and get obscured by the website area. I found other themes which do not have this bug but since they don't look half as nice as this one I'd rather this one got fixed too.

    Edit: 2.2.2 version works perfectly now, thank you!
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Did you try version 2.2.2? still waiting for editor review, available for download via "Version Info" a the theme's page.
    But ... Firefox dropped support for tabs on bottom and so does LavaFox, we cannot support all the options of Classic Theme Restorer, it's nearly impossible. If the problem persist, try tabs on top, it's does not matter really after a day or two .. give it a try and we'll see if we could support it in near future ...
  • LavaFox V2 Blue and Red have been my themes of choice since first released. I've stuck with them through thick and thin. That makes it particularly difficult to leave this theme behind now, but with the release of FF29, I can no longer use FF the way that it is most productive for me if LavaFox remains my theme. With FF29, Mozilla made a design change to the toolbars, removing the Add-ons toolbar completely, and making the "Tabs on top" of the address bar permanent, with even the "about:config" option unable to change it. That change has left a whole lot of folks baffled, myself included. It feels counter intuitive, and senseless to remove the option. Additionally, with the LavaFox theme, especially if you have several tabs open, it detracts from the aesthetics of the theme considerably IMO. Fortunately, we are left with an option to use the Classic Theme Restorer add-on, and among other things, reverse the toolbars. Unfortunately, there is a bug in LavaFox, or the author's decision to not support that option, and there is no option available within LavaFox itself to do so, which would have been ideal.
    Thanks for your feedback!
    As you said, it's Mozilla's decision to do drastic changes .. Personally I prefer more options .. of course ..
    At the moment, Classic Theme Restorer isn't supported, it's complicated and will take time to evaluate if it's possible technically while keeping the theme's look&feel.
    In the meanwhile, I suggest trying to use tabs on top, that's the only significant change. Anyway, there may be support added for tabs on bottom, but it'll definitely take some time, maybe a week or two i it works out well ..
    Hold on .. if it can be done, we'll issue a fix ASAP ..
  • There is a bug with ff29. If you rearrange the toolbars using an addon )e.g. classic theme restorer or stylish), an addition blank bar is appeared. If you keep the new default toolbar order, everything is ok.
    I can't keep this theme because I need to rearrange my toolbars. If you solve this bug please inform me to return to this theme.
    Hi, not sure if we'll support Classic Theme Restorer, you can follow us on Facebook, we'll update if it'll be supported ...
  • I love this theme! I won't use Firefox without it. Your customizations are a perfect addition! Thank you so much!!
    Thank you Wendiwe for your positive feedback! Enjoy LavaFox!
  • I love it so much, but... no matter what lavatheme I use, links/adresses/options in menus of add-ons are blue (on black) so unreadable. p.e. all the filters in AdBlockPlus. Is there a way to solve this major problem?
    Hi, thanks for your review! please contact us on http://www.zigboom.com and we'll check it out. Seems to be a specific problem on your setup ..
  • me encanta, la mejor manera de personalizar mi firefox es con este tema.
  • This theme is perfect. I love your designs Zigboom. Thanks for such a beautiful theme.
  • This is an excellent theme. I have had no real problems with it and when something does go a foul it is fixed within 15 to 20 minutes.
    I have all 4 colors each on a separate profile.
    Easy way to ID each profile.
    Does not interfere with other add-ons.