Fantastic! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A dark, glossy theme with a tinge of blue; perfect! The attention to detail is phenomenal - scroll bars slowly pulse with blue when you hover over them, nearly everything is customized, and meanwhile everything is pleasing to the eye. Pretty much no complaints except that it would be nice if active main menu buttons (back, reload, etc.) were a bit brighter. As it is, it's difficult to tell whether the particular shade of gray is light or dark, so making the active buttons lighter, or blue-ish as opposed to darker gray inactive buttons would be great. Also, in the find menu, the close button is a bit off center. Speaking of, if would be great if you put a little x in close buttons (tab, search prompt close, etc.). The lack of arrows in the scroll buttons is stylish, but the lack of a little x, while still interpretable, may be confusing to some. Other than that, amazing theme.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.7). 

Thanks for your review

Thanks for a detailed & honest review.
I'll work on the toolbar buttons in order to make the difference more clear.
About the tab close buttons, I just don't like an X icon & prefer the little orb, similar to the concept of Mac OSX window buttons (they're all little orbs). I know it may be unclear on the first use but of course on real use there won't be a problem.
Right about the close button in the find menu, it is a bit off center, I have fixed it, update is coming soon.