Latin Dictionary Version History

8 versions

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Version 0.41.20110603 298.0 KiB

Updated dictionary. Bumped applications versions.

Version 0.40.20110120 86.0 KiB

Compatibility for Firefox 4.0

Version 0.39.20100220 86.0 KiB

Version 0.38.20090630 86.0 KiB

Updatet to Firefoks 3.5.

Version 0.37.20080612 86.0 KiB

Compatibility to Firefox 3.0.*

Version 0.36.20080317 86.0 KiB

Compatibility to Firefox 3.0b5pre.

Version 0.35.20070822 86.0 KiB

In this version was removed only old files from content directory.