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  • Just great thank you!

  • Perfect!So handy and smooth.
    Thank you.

  • Use this daily

  • The pop-up displays :
    "Not Found
    The requested URL /wwhomepage/home/mobile was not found on this server."
    Certainly a slight problem. The idea remains pertinent, I hope the issue gets fixed.

    Developer response

    This was due to the BBC website changing to now use geo-location
    it only affected users outside the UK

    v1.25 fixes that, although it shows a larger page now.

  • Sad. I really like the BBC news, simply because they do it well. Unlike this Add-on. Poor page display quality I could live with, but crashing 3 times in a row-uninstalled. Rubbish.

  • Another good one, I've been using your instagram addon for a while, and just found this one.

    Early days, but I think its a keeper!

  • My font is at the default of 16. I'm using Firefox 15.01. When I look at your screenshot on your site Red Robe, that's what I'm hoping to see. Instead it appears that I'm standing too close and I need to stand back further, and the scroll bar takes up the whole window. It's not minimized to where I can scroll the window. Where do I modify that, or is it done within the browser itself?

  • Nice extension!