Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent addon, blows all the others out of the water in my opinion. One thing on my wish list for this addon though would be the ability to totally automate login instead of having to click "Autofill" I would just like it to be able to do that for me every time and save me an extra click. This will happen on sites even where I have "Autologin" checked and I wish it would just log me in without asking. Perhaps a check box with "always autofill" on the site preferences would do the trick?

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Sxipper VS LastPass Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I used to use Sxipper to handle my logins, form fills and passwords and I was very fond of it indeed but I thought that I would give LastPass a try. So this review is probably mostly for those who use Sxipper but are thinking of giving LastPass a go.

So far, I quite like LastPass but miss some of the features that I had with Sxipper.

I like the fact that there is a central interface where you can see all of the sites that you have that require login, edit your passwords, login details and profiles and organise them. I also like the fact that you can set LastPass to “autologin” when you go to a page.

However I was quite disappointed that it seems that you can only have this feature if you select a site from the LastPass dropdown list. This feature should be made available from any method that you choose to select a page/site, such as from your bookmarks or from fastdial or whatever. Obviously if you had more than one account for the same site then it would be perfectly acceptable for there to be an option to choose the account that you would like to login as, but I prefer the way that Sxipper presented your accounts (for sites with multiple accounts). You could choose one via a floating box that always seemed to appear very near where my mouse was so less mouse moving, one click and you were done. With LastPass I have to first click to see the account list, then click the account.

I (once again) prefer the way that Sxipper handled forms (to a certain extent anyway). If you clicked inside a form field, up would pop Sxipper with options for you to fill in the form or fill in just the field.
LastPass form fill is not as easy to access, and if you want to fill in a form, last pass doesn’t automatically pop up like Sxipper does. You either have to right-click and find the form fill menu or select form fill from the LastPass menu. You don’t have (as far as I am aware) the option to fill in only the form field that you have clicked in but only the options to either fill the whole form, or if you select some fields, then those fields (which is ok I guess?), but what if the fields that you want to fill aren’t next to each other. Rather offer the options to fill in the whole form, the field that you have clicked in, or the fields that you have selected.

So my conclusion is:
If you want more security for your passwords and logins, and you would like a better way of organising them, then choose LastPass.
If you prefer having the functionality of Sxipper with less clicks and easier form filling, then stick with Sxipper.

If LastPass had more of the functionality of Sxipper, then I believe that I would have found the perfect add-on.

Hopefully LastPass are listening????

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.51.2). 

LastPass is listening...

Regarding the autologin feature -- it's not just from the dropdown list, if you set the 'autologin' flag by editing the account it will work all the time (unless it's been under 25 seconds since your last login -- we can't be creating login loops).

Regarding the form fill feature we have both the features you mentioned though you'd have to read the documentation for one of them: You can only fill certain fields by simply highlighting all the fields you want to fill in like you were cut&pasting them. You can get the drop down list to choose from once you click into a form field that can be filled -- we try to be as unobtrusive as possible so we wait until we think you're filling a form. You can make this happen as the page loads -- it's one of the settings.

We could offer the choice dialog, and perhaps we'll add something along these lines. Thanks for the feedback, I hope once you try these features you'll find we're closer than you thought we were.