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  • It is very useful to me

  • Very useful app!

  • excellent

  • Die beste Software für Schlüssel.

  • Good side: It's very great to have a generator for password, since I often forget the pass, or else...

    Bad Side: When Firefox start, Lastpass would FREEZE the browser for GOOD 2 MINUTES. I don't know what is going on! Then, when I encounter some forms or login, it freeze for several seconds. Lastpass disabled, freezing gone.

    Fx: 23
    Lp: 2.0.25

    Developer response

    We're sorry to hear of the persisting errors. Please update to our latest version by reinstalling from https://lastpass.com/download - if any issues continue, our team is happy to help: https://lastpass.com/supportticket.php

  • I don't understand why this app is listed as "LastPass is a free online password manager and Form Filler that makes your web browsing easier and more secure." with NO MENTION on the Andorid Adddons webpage for Firefox that it is acutally only a 14day TRIAL. Laspass rocks but $1/month is too much and it seems to be MOzilla's fault it is not correctly listed as a TRIAL.

    Developer response

    We appreciate the feedback, and will look at clarifying our messaging. Please note that LastPass Premium for $12 per year covers all of our apps and mobile features (https://helpdesk.lastpass.com/upgrading-to-premium/), including the Firefox mobile addon. Our team is happy to be of further help: https://lastpass.com/supportticket.php

  • update lastpass on addons mozilla to latest version 2.0.26...

    Developer response

    Unfortunately we are still waiting for Mozilla to approve our latest update, please reinstall from https://lastpass.com/download to update to the most recent build. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Have disabled most all of my plug-ins in the newest version of Firefox (26.0). It appears any time lastpass needs to auto insert a password right try to manually access one it locks up Firefox for at least two minutes. Please investigate I need to use on Firefox sometime.

  • Been using premium for about 2y now. It largely stays out of the way, has good hotkey support, integrates with Dolphin on Android, and provides a good standalone app. No issues with sync between multiple browsers and platforms.This plugin has been getting progressively slower, and held my browser hostage for 20-30 seconds during login (FF v23, OSX 10.8.4). Though it doesn't say so here, the solution is to uninstall the plugin, then reinstall via http://lastpass.com/dl Free for desktop, subscription required for mobile sync. For that reason, I really expect better from their support. Others feel the same: http://bit.ly/19wu9yx

  • Very useful add-on for synchronizing data between Firefox and Chrome. I wish this add-on merged with Xmarks.

  • Love this plugin. Bought Lastpass premium. The 2.0.20 version of this plugin makes Firefox freeze and/or crash on both Windows and Mac OSX. I recommend downloading update 2.0.26 from the website of Lastpass to fix this problem.

  • Great addon!!!

  • I use this add-on on every computer I use. As I have many computers and multiple secured accounts with a range of passwords this add-on is PRICELESS!! A MUST for people who like secure passwords who work or who are online a lot!

  • It is veay useful to me,nice

  • again, its not free for the mobile. been using it on my pc forever & 8 love it! I just HATE that they gotta charge you to use it with your phone! such crap!

  • Been using it for a while and it's always been great. A friendlier vault would be nice but the addon itself is really handy.

  • On my mobile Firefox it started to say that on my device it's 30-day version expired and pleas buy full version. Sure... thanks for "...free online password manager" which in fact is tryout for mobile.

  • Excellent, until recently when it started to kill Firefox. Firefox stops and can't restart in any other moden than safe.

  • excellent

  • It's very useful~~~

  • Damn slow on older hardware. Slows down FF startup by 30-40 seconds on 1.8Ghz, 1GB RAM system. Significant RAM usage.

  • It is great if you visit a lot of sites like I do. I usually let the random password generator pick a pass for sites I don't care about though.

  • Very useful, using it for years, would be perfect if it integrates better with safari and iphone

  • The better pass save. Remember is driving me crazy !

  • Better pass-save addon!