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  • Вроде неплохо, вроде удобно, вроде работает. Только один вопрос, нужно ли выходить каждый раз из last pass'а после ввода данных? или же можно оставить его залогиненым и пусть у себя висит красненький в углу?
  • 用了多年了,什么是我继续firefox的理由?这个就是
  • The latest version require the user to open a separate tab to access the log in window whereas a small pop usually came up on a single click of the lastpass button in the earlier versions
  • seit einiger Zeit kann LastPass nicht mehr über das Icon im Browser aktiviert werden so dass man sich ständig über die Webside einloggen muss. Das ist ein Schritt in die falsche Richtung und wird langsam uninteressant.
  • It's a useful app, but has some quirks and bugs that lower usability. For example, to use a password you need to open your vault, edit the record, make the password visible and copy and paste it.

    Another problem is that I can't select the language I want, even though I can find the setting in the preferences menu that is supposed to handle this.

    The functionality works, but the extension feels very unfinished.
  • very safe and sequre lastpass.com
  • I like being able to access my passwords from different browsers, but after the last update my shortcut menu no longer works. If you click on the laspass menu I could previously log in directly from the drop down menu, now all I get is a small light gray box and no login options. I have to go to the lastpass login page to log in. Please bring back the shortcut menu.
  • I have been using this add-on for years. It is being continually being improved. I recommend this add-on for anyone using the LastPass service.
  • Used to be great on Firefox but now it logs off whenever it seems to feel like it despite me setting it to do so only after being idle for 6 hours. If it has logged off before then, I either have to go through the process of logging in again or disabling the Firefox lastpass add-on then enabling it again causing the icon to change back to showing logged on. This logging off on its own seems to be a common complaint and needs fixing. In the meantime (or perhaps instead of) Bitwarden is my new password manager and doing everything it is asked to do.

    UPDATE... I did a Firefox Refresh, as some suggested, and then reinstalled Lastpass and so far it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It is a bit of a nuisance having to reinstall all my other add-ons but I did not have too many. The time saved by having Lastpass work again is worth it so I have changed my original one star to four (I would have given five had there not been such a hassle to get it going properly).
  • Works fine
  • It's complete trash. Zero excuses for this to be garbage. Chrome works fine. Even the mobile apps for android and ios work better than this pile of crap. And the kick is this one extension will grind firefox to a halt and crash it constantly. Has for years, and these losers still won't fix it.
  • Helps me with hign entropy passwords, I dont have to remember any passwords except the Master. Helps me with autofill, automatically adds sites to my vault. Vault is encrypted. I have used this since last 10 years. Haven't failed me (yet!!). So 5 stars!
  • I could not live online with out this! On phone (2 times) and always first on my new Desktop installations. I've used it for years. Now gone Premium, but to have all I need for the sites I use with me is so useful, and if my hard drive cracks up, the passwords are still there! When I lost EVERYTHING in a house fire, I got so much done (receipts, insurance, bank, passport) done with just my Last Pass details, it really saved my home (not the house, but it help replace the lost stuff!)
  • LastPass is great! I wouldn't leave home without it, too many passwords to remember and some have to be so secure it's a chore and impossible to remember.
  • Nice spytool, I am always amazed when people send their secrets into the abyss of the internet. You do not know what lurks below.

    Access your data for all websites
    Exchange messages with programs other than Firefox
    Display notifications to you
    Read and modify privacy settings
    Access browser tabs
    Access browser activity during navigation

  • Не авторизовывается в мобильном браузере.
  • parfait
  • Has some trouble on closing when using the extension on Firefox on Ubuntu
  • Love LastPass! Please let me reinstall it!
  • Have been using this for years... the trust no one part is what I want.
  • I really like this add-on and used it for a long time. But basic authorization doesn't work in last version of LP 4.17.1 with binary component 4.1.44, Ubuntu 18. I hope the developers will fix it soon.
  • Basic functionality like copying passwords isn't working.
  • 无法使用啊
  • The Add-On doesn't work most of the time or behaves oddly. I'm used to work in two different accounts on same PC. In one of the accounts LastPass is instantly logged-in most of the time. In the other account I can't even use the add-on's popup menu from toolbar for it's empty thus showing very small "balloon", only. I have to use the website lastpass.com then to log in which is yet another pain for its series of reloading events taking some remarkable amount of time just to get the login prompt finally.

    In addition, the plugin keeps interfering with input fields not related to any authentication. In several cases LastPass offers to replace accounts not related to the website I'm currently visiting. And in such cases it doesn't provide option for creating another record instead, but requires to either ignore some new credentials or update some unrelated existing ones.

    You might expect such issues to be fixed as I can't be the only one in 750.000 users seeing such problems, but LastPass doesn't seem to care quite much about them. So, I'd rather spend my money to some other company or drop use of this "password un-manager" definitely resulting in a less safe internet, though. Target missed ...
  • This add-on is really great. i love it