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The first free tool that is really is comparable to Roboform in functionality! Its like roboform but totally mobile - one thing I have to complain: I dont see ANY use for the explicit "SHARE" function in your passwordlist. It is just disturbing! Password manager is not a "social software" or a bookmarkmanager - this is passwords for gods sake! So please remove the share function. No one gonna use it

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.27). 

Sharing is the best!

No use for sharing? I bet you've had to give someone else a password before, and I bet you did it over an insecure channel like email or the phone. What about sharing access to your financial sites with your wife? Why should she have to use the same password as you?

We use it on a regular basis -- who wants to send emails around with user-names and passwords that you're going to forget and lose -- store them in LastPass and they're always there for you.

Yes it will take a while before this is accepted (and people will need to start using random passwords generated by software like LastPass), but it'll happen.