Where do I go next Oh Mighty Unbiased Roundup of Password Apps/Top 10 Password Craplications List Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I've given it three because I've always felt I was missing something and because in spite of my simmering rage I AM still using it. After happily using X Marks since the dawn of time I took it all for granted. XMarks was tops. Then it failed spectacularly at synching with Chrome. It still won't now even with new accounts, cleaned up lists etc. It's just not having it. So, in a hurry I tried this next. A few years on and I'm still cursing it and clocking up the hours on the timesheet of life as to how many days of my life I have spent righting the wrongs it has perpetrated upon my accounts. I'm not going to up the hours total by going into great detail. TLDR It often adds your email instead of the username or vice versa. Or indeed any combination of not getting it quite right. So when you return to X site it's trial-and-error-city-no-pity in the race to make your comment while still relevant. Nor does it like multiple accounts and you will be jumping through a few hoops at some point. Yet I can't seem to find another one. I have therefore taken a course in mnemotechnics as ultimately it seemed faster than a password programme.

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