But I don't want another toolbar Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Developer: Thanks for response below. I can put in a ticket, but I don't like the interface. Lastpass WAS pretty perfect as it was; I was GOING to mix it in with XMarks and subscribe, but then I see something like this update, and it makes me nervous. Do you understand that? I don't want to be nickeled and dimed to death to get features the ORIGINAL had. That's why I would have gone Pro before: to support the ORIGINAL.

Screen real estate is at a prime, and really, we're just talking about passwords here. Why should I have a whole toolbar dedicated to passwords when I can fire up Excel protected worksheets and compile my own randoms (NONE of it over "the cloud")? Seriously, right now, it's JUST AS EASY as using LP! (Or easier!!!)

So if I made a ticket, it would just be to drop back a version. Maybe others LIKE your new UI, but I don't; not at all. I don't have banking online except through two-factor authen... LP was fine [for me] as it WAS. And I'm not going to ask a company to fall back a version.

But I do appreciate your response. I'll see what the next update is like, but I'm not opening another toolbar. If I did that for every add-on, I'd have a 1x1 viewing area of the actual internet. (But extra star for the reply; really, I DO like that. Thank you.)

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