Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I was liking LastPass until this latest update. I've tried it for (weeks?), since whenever you updated it to 3.1.1, and IT NO LONGER AUTOFILLS or AUTOLOGINS!!! WTF good is it for besides password generation now?

I went into options and deselected "Use Compact Toolbar" thinking, stupidly I suppose, that it would give me the former LastPass toolbar functionality (not this "compact" menu that's three-plus layers deep!), and instead the icon DISAPPEARED ENTIRELY! I've had to work harder with LastPass 3.1.1. to get my passwords than I did using an EXCEL SPREADSHEET with all my passwords! (Actually, that's what I've gone back to when LastPass FORGOT some passwords, or couldn't round them up in that new weird toolbar button).

I will continue trying to use this through another update, but I'm telling you now, you HAD something good, and now it's BAD (except for dumping your passwords into an excel spreadsheet). Fix this. PLEASE.

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Hello: If the toolbar is still missing, please try reinstalling: https://lastpass.com/download and try logging in again. If any problems continue, our team is happy to be of help: https://lastpass.com/supportticket.php