Trust Level - Low Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This add-on does, technically, work well from user standpoint.

However as the for profit company which maintains this add-on and service is responsible for all passwords, credit card information (almost anything as 'Secure Notes' are also supported) the level of security and trust should be of the highest level.

Sadly, I am unable to have a strong faith any data entered into LastPass is, in fact, secure. Here's why:

1) LastPass is an American company.

2) Interestingly the company is located in Fairfax, Virgina which, condescendingly, is a 12 mile drive from the CIA headquarters in McLean, VA.

3) LastPass states all data is encrypted which is correct. It's common knowledge American companies are compelled by law (and legal action taken against them) to provide access to 'secure' or 'encrypted' data by American police agencies (NSA, CIA, etc.). It would be surprising if American spy agencies haven't tapped this treasure trove of information yet.

4) Even for those who like government agencies trolling their usernames and passwords (and login history at a minimum), software with backdoors are insure by definition. Built-in backdoor access is a venerable point of entry for non-government hackers and thieves.

One could do better for login security with a local, OpenSource password encryption software which also autofills. One could use packages such as KeePassx, KeePass or TrueCrypt for example

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