Please fix this add-on for us. Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Re in which you suggest a user install a dev version: really?

I've used LP for years and loved the pre-2013 versions very much, despite occasional mishaps that the add-on seems known for, like LP switching cookies on different profiles used on the same website, not auto-detecting many password forms, which forces us to use the Save Form Data feature, but now we also have the add-on 1) freezing the browser upon login, 2) loggin me in, showing me my Vault, then logging me out 2-5 seconds later with "Invalid password! Try again!" red bar messages when obviously my password worked just fine or LP would not have let me in and showed me all my sites to begin with, and LP is also telling me for weeks now, every day, 3-4 times on every website I try to log into through the LP bar that my master password is invalid when I know I typed it in correctly and have done so for years.

Taken all together, these issues are extremely annoying and frustrating - you folks should not have rolled out 2013 versions before testing them much more thoroughly. I have been holding my tongue all year waiting for fixes and I cannot stand it anymore. I am actually thinking on whether or not to switch to Keepass or some other pw manager. I have never seriously considered doing that since the day I started using LP years ago but these combined errors are just becoming too much. Please fix this add-on so we can continue to use it and love it.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (