Fantastic tool, I love it! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

(If you are having trouble, go to the website and download the latest version from there. Firefox is slow in delivering updates sometimes.)

I love LastPass !It is very easy to use, and fast.

From time to time there are web pages that don't play nice with it, and that is the only real learning curve, leaving how to create and save passwords on those few very unusual web sites.Lastpass is portable, so same set of userids and passwords can be used with on any device or web browser (Firefox, MSIE, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Mac OS/x, Linux, dozens of browsers and operating systems, even some that are pretty rare).And you can export your userids and passwords. So if at some point in the future LastPass stops living up to your expectations, you can export your passwords and import them into something else.LastPass is completely free for desktops and laptops. But if you want Yubi-key authentication (I don't) or the version for phones and tablets, it is $12 per year.

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