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Do you trust them? I no!
When I looked to the xpi, there is platform\WINNT_x86-msvc\components\lpxpcom.dll . Should I trust the creator of this dll? Should I trust the provider of this service? My data should be encrypted locally by the AES. Nice. But you have the keys! You know how is the algorithm implemented, you know what is inside the DLL. Sorry guys, this is no plugin for me. A dummie will use it, I don't trust your DLL.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.51.2). 

You don't have to use our dll if you don't trust us

You can download and use the binary free version from here that is only Javascript:


The downside is that it's slower and you can't do sharing (the binary is specifically for speed gains + RSA encryption for sharing) Using the binary speeds up decryption by over 50 times; though if you have less than 200 accounts it's not a huge drain to go binary free. Mozilla received a copy of the source of this binary before they made LastPass trusted and recommended. Please reconsider your position.