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Skipper is very better and easy to handle.
One thing, that I really don't know how it is using into LastPass, because I readed their policy... I want NOT that LastPass databases are sending to LastPass "main-office" or "manager" what it was.
It will nothing do as "send to" someany about safety things from private people's computers. It is not good thing!
Why databases are sending to "manager/main-office what u used internet and all as you visited pages!?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.51.2). 

You had a hard time understanding

It's clear that you had a hard time understanding the concepts behind LastPass -- your data is encrypted locally then saved on LastPass' servers so it's available to you wherever you are. This does NOT give LastPass access to your sensitive data (usernames,passwords,groups,notes, site names, etc) , and we're so explicit about it because we don't want anyone to be surprised by how it works. It appears that English isn't your first language so perhaps we need a better translation.