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I have checked the Security of this addon!

On March 18 I have questioned about the security of lastpass (see my previous post).
After that I decided that more then just question about the potential security issues of lastpass or blindly believe in the lastpass folks, I should understand the way lastpass do things and check the security myself...
To verify everything I needed some information and I asked some questions to lastpass that was always very open and provided all the necessary information in detail.
You can follow up my testing steps in this post :

As a result of my tests I concluded that lastpass is very secure and that I can trust them my data!

But don't believe me or lastpass, see it by yourself, it's not that difficult... You just need to check some stuff like :
1) That lastpass never send your master password to their servers
2) That it is really your master password that is used to encrypt the sensitive information
3) That the information always leaves your computer encrypted

Then if you know something about encryption or if you read some stuff (lastpass has a nice FAQ pointing good external references) you will understand that without your master password your encrypted data on lastpass servers is useless.

But once again I say to all of you, don't take my word (or lastpass), just check it by yourself.
If you need any help, post in the forum post of the above link that I would be glad to point you some directions on how you can independently run some tests.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.50).