Rated 2 out of 5 stars

The concept is great but it's let down by the poor user interface which the developers seem unwilling or unable to fix. I thought that whole point of these types of utilities was to make it more convenient (and more secure) when logging in to sites. Well, LastPass just don't seem to get the convenience thing.

If you want all the good lastpass features but with a really clunky notification bar interface every time there is a login or form on the page then try Lastpass.

After about 2 months of detailed feedback and suggestions from many people on their forum I've given up waiting and hoping that they'll fix the user interface so I'm uninstalling it from my test system and going back to SecureLogin + AutoFill (+ Foxmarks to at least sync my passwords if not my forms data). At least that setup has a properly thought out and implemented UI for the most important action of all, the process of initiating the login.

Put simply, for all the good features, Lastpass detracts from the general browsing experience on a constant basis with it's annoying notification bar popping up all the time (and yes, I know it can be put at the bottom of the screen; in practice that is only marginally less annoying).

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.45). 

Of course we get it

As we mentioned on the forums our focus was in first getting a stable release out to the market before we implemented the usability changes that we all came to the conclusion was an improvement over what we were currently doing. Given all this, I'm quite surprised to see this feedback.

We have every intent to improve the usability, and have made several quick workarounds to help ease the underlying issues while we get past the release candidate stage.