Love It Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This add-on as saved me multiple times. I've tried every kind of password backup/syncing strategy for the last month and finally settled for lastpass. It runs on windows, mac, and linux. Its form filler works like a charm. Its very secure, after looking into it, I'm not worried about people stealing my passwords. I only have a couple bank account passwords that I don't save into it because I don't visit them that often. (Even then, I wouldn't mind saving them.)

To me this is a crucial add-on that should be built into firefox already. Why isolate your passwords onto one computer? Its basically like foxmarks but for passwords. You can even log into the website to view passwords if your on a friends or public computer. Also, I tried foxmarks to save passwords but it lacks the powerful auto fill and robustness that lastpass has.

I have to give the creators serious credit. This is relatively new and I am constantly getting new updates that impress me more. They must be pretty determined to make this add-on successful. I made a request for a feature awhile back and it happened (multiple profiles). I also emailed them about having a problem saving my meebo password and recieved a reply the next morning! Meebo is a special case to save your passwords because it uses ajax. You just have to type your info in and BEFORE logging into and click save fill form data, then click to log in. Then next time it auto-fills your login. Other small tweaks I prefer is selecting the option to place the auto-login pop-up on the bottom and making the lastpass icon smaller to make it a little less obtrusive. (I also feel like this should be the default. . . but thats just my opinion.) Last side note, if you use firefox profile manager (ie '--profile manager' or '-P Bob') it installs last pass onto all your profiles. Its not a big deal because you can just uninstall it from the profiles you don't want it to use.

Thanks lastpass!

p.s. I have no affiliation with lastpass, I just think they deserve a good review from me for offering such a great free service.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.42).