6,100 reviews
  • Premium user for years. Their recent remodel -- trying to turn LastPass into some soft of super ID manager,-- destroyed all basic utility of 90% of daily function. I predict it will fail as badly as the new taste of Coke. Good--they deserve it for their arrogance.

    First and foremost, they eliminated form fills without even transferring the addresses, credit card, bank information, etc into their new formats. Just really terrible now. When I complained, they responded like I was an idiot. Cancelled my auto-renewal and will change over to something else ASAP. I hope they continue to rack up 1* reviews and go under.
  • So far so good. Recommened by AD so should be good!!
  • Nice tools but on new FF (without XUL) can't remember mail nor password. It's working fine on the older FF with XUL extensions. Also, the interface and the menu layout requires refreshing and review - very confusing and unintuitive. Also, does not remember settings for generating passwords. Always back to defaults (12 chars length etc). Also, generating inplace in password field does not store it so if you not copied it, then it's a problem and you need to reset the password on the site.
  • Was better the way it was now it sucks!
  • Exellent add on. Have used it for more than 10 years
  • March 2019 change ruined the app.
  • In Firefox 68 Nightly, LastPass left loading pages 4x slower, I tested all the addons I have and yes, the problem is LastPass.