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3,377 reviews for this add-on
  • Bien pratique :)

  • Einloggen in der Hand Version der Firefoxerweiterung nicht möglich. Es erscheint nur eine leere Seite.

  • Have to delete it and reinstall almost monthly or it will fail to work on firefox

  • Suele funcionar bien en la PC con windows y bastante mal en android donde rara vez autocompleta las contraseñas. Si no van a salir de la PC convencional anda bastante bien.

  • could not get lastpass to work with Firefox Android Beta

  • + very nice looks and easy to use.
    - premium only yearly payment littlebit expensive 26 dollar

  • nice add

  • Some time it dectects checkboxes as fill-able. which is hard to select or deselect by mouse mainly because of last pass icon in few sites.

  • fantastic

  • Very good vault. I'd never remember ALL my passwords without Help

  • forgotten and dead :(

  • It`s got a way better memory than I.

  • It does function and allows cross platform interoperability with mobile and other PCs. That said, the Firefox extension seems to have been largely left to rot. The extension logs out constantly and requires re-entering the master password a dozen times a day. Firefox Lastpass is also missing features available in other browsers. There also seem to be more and more logins that Lastpass fails to autofill for all the time and has a bad tendency to want to create redundant site entries.

    On the plus side, Lastpass under Firefox is more responsive than the Edge extension

  • Good, but glitchy at times. It always seems to work better in Chrome.

  • Works quite well

  • I'd give it a 5 stars, if you have the same features as in the Chrome version.
    - Copy username/password from the matching site without opening the edit page. You can do this in Chrome version but can't do it in the Firefox version.

  • On Windows 10 v1803 with FireFox 60/61 Login into LastPass is impossible. Even older versions of LP as suggested in some workarounds do not work.

    Did a clean reinstall of FireFox, afterwards installed LP as only plugin. Thus it's definitely not a corrupted profile.

    LP works with Opera and Edge.

    Other plugins work with FireFox.

    Conclusion: LP for FireFox on Windows isn't maintained any more.

  • I like the iOS app much more than I like the Firefox Add-on. Works about 90% of the time here

  • Took forever to find the "plug-in" for Firefox, which isn't called a "plug-in" but rather an "extension" or an "add-on".

  • Doesn't always work on firefox but works on Chrome and Edge.

  • It really sucks on Firefox.

  • Works on Firefox, Chrome, IE and Android. Perfect password generator & secure online server

  • Что с расширением стало? Почему его Firefox выключил?

  • This is an amazing password manager. It is secure, easy to use, and, once you are in, you can add it to any device, and your log ins are there.

  • Premium version works great across 2 laptops and android phone. Looking at family version.