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  • This extension works well, after you login either through lastpass.com or its moz-extension page, but never through the toolbar shortcut. It's a small annoyance that I'd loved to be fixed, LogMeIn.

    Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
    Firefox 64.0
  • Muy útil y el precio me parece muy accesible.
  • With over 350 (nearly all unique) passwords, this gives me an additional layer of security, and I can access them from any device/location, and don't need to remember them. No worries about someone figuring 2 or 3 re-used passwords out and then having access to my whole life, or writing them down on/in something that can be lost, stolen, or damaged/destroyed. I can use it from any browser or as an app on my phone, and so can the rest of my family. All we need is to know the Lastpass password and the one for the primary email account. A God-send!
  • lastpass, over the past two updates has not been syncing across my laptop and my smartphone. it has me listed with two accounts a change I did not make but failed to notice for a time, and I am forced to try to utilize the stored passwords from the separate accounts. And for this fubar, they make me pay?
  • Mostly positive experience. Convenient for using on multiple devices. No issues with security
  • buena app
  • The latest versions of this extension is not working in Firefox v63.0.3 64-bit on Windows 10 . The old extension version 4.7.1 still works; I found this workaround at https://www.techsupportalert.com/content/lastpass-not-working-firefox-its-not-just-you.htm . This is my favorite password manager but the current version should work in Firefox
  • I like the fact that i can use this add on across devices. Home PC, Work PC, Smartphone, etc.
  • I've just switch from Chrome a week or two ago and most things are good, but LastPass is a major problem that might be a deal breaker.

    Update: I went to https://lastpass.com/misc_download2.php and downloaded the Firefox extension from there. So far it seems better.

    (Oddly, my prefs now say I have version, last updated 12/12/2018 (today) while the version listed in for download here is currently, last updated in October. And when I had it installed from here before, I'd swear it was 4.19. Go figure.)
  • Why I don't have new design like in screenshots?
  • Super tare, super bun.
  • I very much hate to return to Chrome, but LastPass is essential to my daily existence online. I've tried to be patient, but the current state of the Firefox extension, with all of the issues identified by others, has become intolerable.
  • I want to use Firefox however the pure crap that is this extension makes this browser all but useless for me.

    Lastpass is amazing at decreasing my threat footprint but with the lack of functionality in Firefox I am pretty much forced to use Chrome if I want this integration.

    In Chrome Lastpass just works, it is able to fill all my websites easily and quickly. If it doesn't I can simply click on the icon and copy my password for pasting into Basic Authentication forms. On Firefox it is a red icon that does nothing but mock me with its utter lack of functionality.

    I always liked Firefox and want to use it. However in the current state of support for this extension I am forced to sell my soul to Google if want to continue to use Lastpass.

    I do not know if the fault is with Mozilla or Lastpass but either way this is unacceptable.

    Now that I have wasted my time for ten minutes because I am sure no one from either group is going to read this and do anything about it I am going to start researching other solutions.

    Maybe another password management company supports privacy outside of chrome.
  • 很好
  • Excellent service!
  • Does not work stable within Firefox 63. You get logged out every day. No functional dropdown menu for logging in.
  • Can't enter password to log in - box just disappears.
  • After updating the browser to latest version 63.0.3,the extension has stopped working only on FIREFOX.Such a dissapointment.
    The pop-up opens up but its blank all the time.Tried reinstalling for many reasons.
  • This issue is Firefox specific. I try and login but the login component will only allow me to type my email and then it disappears if I try:
    1) Clicking on the password field
    2) "Tab" into the password field

    Neither work, fix and debug your extensions before you let them go live.
  • It needs to give us the option to copy the password for a site directly from the toolbar menu rather than having to open the vault and "edit" the site just to copy the password.
  • fix it

    unlike chrome

    always logs out

    I have to manually login every time I open

    and its not successful at first time
    it fails..then offline...then works in third time..wtf?

    why not auto login
  • Totally satisfied...One of the best password manager ever
  • SERIOUSLY? After all these years you still cant make this add-on as good as it is on Chrome WHY? I just want to be able to copy a password from the addon the exact same way that it is in chrome. This has been lacking in firefox for a very long time

    EDIT: Found a way to fix this. Click LastPass > More Option > About LastPass If you don't have the binary installed, install it. This seemed to bring back the right click options.
  • El complemente funciona y bien, y lo voy a seguir usando en todos los navegadores y equipos.
  • I use Last Pass on all my devices. There is really no other way to have really good passwords without a password manager, Last Pass is the most secure IMHO.