5,803 reviews
  • Does not work in Private browsing
  • Used to work great, but in the last months the login pop up appears cut off and I can't even write my email, I have to login directly in the website. Also, in the android mobile version it is constantly logging me out, which defeats the purpose of saving time
  • my favorite add on. cant live without it! Great app
  • The last update made impossible for me to load any page with firefox. Please fix this asap.
  • I have been a LastPass user for several years and have always been impressed with your product until now. You are making changes and that is great but the way you roll them out is not so great. I signed up for your security and ever since I have nothing but problems logging into my computer and using LastPass to get into the sites I have stored in LastPass.
  • Not compatible with the latest Firefox version on android...
  • great add on