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Why was LastPage created?

I feel somewhat misplaced whenever a page (Error Console, Library) got loaded in a separate window, more so when I know it can be nicely fitted within the current window. And the same feeling too when moving between two tabs just to change something in about:config.

So this add-on was created to provide that tiny moment of stillness and wholeness whenever a page loads within and when easy reference can be made between two pages. Putting this online so more of us will experience this zen too.

[ 4 Aug 2011 ]
This turn out to be another interesting project. Have just converted it into a bootstrap version, fix some bugs, add an image button, localize the labels. The most interesting part is finding ways to fix the different console errors that came from loading chrome pages in a <browser> tag. Was deciding if to just exclude these chrome pages or find the seemingly impossible solutions. Glad I didn't let it go off lightly, real nice feeling when all was solved. The seemingly impossible solutions turn out to be really simple!

What's next for LastPage

Seems complete, until the next bug...

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