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  • Having Firefox open without a tab open, even one without a web site, is most annoying and confusing. This add-on eliminates that.

    I will NOT use a browser that does not allow this feature. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL.
  • Excellent add-on, unfortunately is not compatible with the new Quantum.
  • Prevents closing the last tab from closing the browser. I guess I and a handful of people don't like that behavior and this was a wonderful way to stop it. Please bring it to Quantum.
  • Very usefull addon. Thank You!
  • This is too essential for me to update to Quantum. Why isn't this built into the core browser anyway?
  • This is an ESSENTIAL for Firefox, and the fact that v57 does not work with this is one reason I backed down to v56.0.2!
  • It doesn't work now.
  • 1. Go to about:config

    2. Change preference browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab to false.
  • Does not work with tab groups: opens tab groups window when last tab is closed irrespectively of the setting
  • Finally helped me move out of Opera to Firefox.
  • We don't want to close Firefox, just close all Tabs and have a blank page be there instead of little snapshots of pages last visited. Blank Page option please.
  • At first, like other posters, I thought this didn't work. The expected behaviour is that pressing the tab close button on the last tab will close the whole window, like it does in Internet Explorer. But then I figured it out.

    First, go into the Add-ons Manager and open the plug-in's options. Click the radio button that says "Close window". Clicking the close button on the last tab still won't close the window, but DOUBLE-CLICKING it will.

    That works for me. I can get used to that. Four stars because the single-click like it's supposed to does not work (on FireFox 26.0).
  • I expected this to work similar to what chromium/chrome has where pressing the "x" would actually close the program too. However, even with the custom options in the preferences, pressing the close button only refreshes to the "new tab" page.

    While this does technically add a close button to the last tab, it's behavior really isn't useful.
  • Замечательное дополнение.
    Заменило мне исправление в конфиге, которое не корректно работало в 24+ версиях.
  • This extension is great for normal browsing, but the close window option does not work for private windows. Can this be fixed?
  • неправильно работает с бэта 24
  • A great execution of a simple plugin that should have been built into frigg'n Firefox since 23 builds ago. THANK YOU.
  • Works fine with all options except the close window option. In close window once i shutdown firefox, it wont restart. It flashes for a second then closes. Please help. Great addon btw, nice work.
  • it works for me and does exactly what i wanted - very simple :)
  • After I install the add-on, I'm prompted to restart firefox. I manage to do that, but afterwards, if I close firefox, I'm not able to open it again. It flashes for a second and then closes. I disable the add-on from safe mode and then I can use firefox again. Any ideas?
  • To 冶心道长.

    I Suppose the new feature of FF13 (about:newtab) caused this failure.

    Go to about:config
    find browser.newtab.url ;about:newtab and change it to about:blank.

    And there will be no about:newtab anymore.

    Sorry for my english!
  • It opens about:newtab however configured.
    Now using Firefox 13.0 (Simplified Chinese). This Addon worked just fine under FF12.
    I Suppose the new feature of FF13 (about:newtab) caused this failure.
    Or, Does the UI-language matter? Unbelievable.
    The new version 0.3.7 improves compatibility with Firefox 13. She is waiting for approval.
  • If Firefox is set via about:config to: "browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab" False, then after installing this addon and restarting Firefox, the page will then continually reload.
    If I reset "browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab" to True, then this behavior stops, but I don't want it set to True, so I have gone back to using version 0.3.4.
    Opening the Add-ons tab via Firefox Tools/Add-ons, while about:config "browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab" is set to False, should be enough to duplicate the page reload problem, if not try clicking on the last tab close button, then maximizing the Add-ons tab again.
    Also setting the page to open about:home gives an invalid page error and opens nothing.
    *[Using Firefox 3.6.28]* and sticking with it, as this old PC can't run the latest versions of Firefox.

    *I won't down rate this Add-on because the old version works just fine and it has been very useful to me.
  • actually aftes some research i have to say that it seems to be obsolete now as it is enough to set browser.newtab.url & browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab your way...

    but it will be missed ;)