154 reviews
  • awesome. works as intended.
  • I am writing e-mails and reports in several languages during the day. Switching between languages in a hurry can cause to make mistakes. Well, I avoid this from happening using the LanguageTool App. Thanks to all the developers.
  • This add on is a must have for anybody working with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • always show me some type of error ........
    This is a bug which we can easily fix if you contact us and let us know the specific error (e.g. https://languagetool.org/legal/).
  • Just started using this tool a few weeks ago and it works perfectly. Thank you so much.
  • I love it. Fet it and you will see it for yourself!
  • Excelente :D
  • Fantastic ;-) Thanks.
  • Great plugin, extremely responsive support, rule-based spell checking is getting better and better.
  • Rreally great
  • I have used before and I will know soon how it is with firefox ?
  • This addon uses tracking cookies per uBlock Origin and other cookie blocking addons. Otherwise, the plugin seems excellent.
    We don't use more tracking than the usual website. And as you noticed, that gets blocked by tracking blockers anyway. We don't track the sites you're visiting, neither do we store your text. Plus you can run the LanguageTool server offline. Doing completely without tracking would mean we have no idea what issues users run into. Even add-ons with many users rarely get high-quality bug reports, so we have to rely on the anonymous tracking.