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  • easy , simple , works fine
    thanks alot for this extension
  • i am glad. It works very well!!!
  • Works great. Thanks for this extension.
  • This extension worsens usability, compared to the web interface.

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    I mean the following (may be I did anything wrong):
    I periodically use your service to get access to sites that blocked by my ISP. Usually I use web-interface, and everything is OK. Today I tried to use the extension, and after opening any pages I got an annoying active tab with message, like "you limit of free using of Kproxy is reached". When I close this tab, it opens again and again, until I remove the extension.
    In the future, I going to use only web-interface.

    PS^ In any case, I want to say "thank you" for your service.

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    Now I understand, thank you.
    May be I opened one-two pages and be away for a more then hour.
    It is OK. But that tab, I could not close, made me angry. 8)
    What do you mean? When you start the extension, your browser is connecting to proxy servers for surfing, so it will slow your speed because traffic is going through our servers. Also, depending on your geolocation, the geolocation of the server, and the geolocation of the site browsed it could be slow, in example if you are in Europe, use an USA server connecting to an European site, the data have to travel a lot. Also, the extension is totally transparent and it can be stopped at any time when you don't need the proxy service anymore. I'm not sure what is your complaint about, please, give us more info to try to improve the user experience.

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    Ok, now everything is clear. You can use KProxy extension for free during one hour, then you have to wait 30 minutes and you will be able to use another hour. During those 30 minutes, if you try to use KProxy you will get that message. Just stop KProxy Extension clicking on the hat icon and then on the "Stop KProxy" that is on the top left corner.

    So, can you surf with KProxy for free? Absolutely.
    Why you have to wait 30 minutes? Lots of people use everyday KProxy, the 30 minutes wait prevents overloading of servers and allows everybody to use our service for free. With no waits, the free version will not be reliable. Our mission is give a good service for surfing for everyone with no ads.

    Best regards.