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  • If you want something to bypass web filtering, then this proxy cuts through censorship like wet paper. But doesn't do much else. After watching videos or making large downloads, a tab will pop open telling you to either pay a subscription fee (not one time purchase) or wait 30 minutes for your meter to reset. And if you dont cough up cash, it regulates you to using servers in Canada and Germany. (Which based off the information websites send back, Germany may actually be a French server).

    All in all, a decent service, but there are simply better alternatives that don't charge money. I only use Kproxy because my workplace has blocked them. If your school or work hasnt blocked it, I recommend Psiphon 3 as your go-to proxy service.
  • Edited 2017 March 20 : - I don't know why but It woks again. Thank you so much :)
    Does not work with latest update Firefox 52.0.1
  • Goooood kproxy √
  • It's okay, it's just the 3-hour thing. I'm not that patient, so I just go on another computer. I use it for school, so I can watch something on YouTube for class.
    The 30-minute thing should be brought down to maybe 25? Or 20? Just suggestions. I like it though! It works, and that's all that matters for me. Nice job!
    Thank you for your review. We are working hard for updating our extension and improving our system. The 3 hours thing will be removed very soon :)
  • I hate misleading info more than anything. This add-on stops after some time and opens a tab to upgrade in pro version, which tab suprisingly (!) refuses to close and also blocks access to every other open tab. I am a kind person, otherwise I would use fifferent language. STAY AWAY from this awful MALWARE!

    Sorry if you have a bad experience. As a kind person let me to explain what happened and try to convert that hate into something better.

    When you get the tab that you mention you can make it dissapear just turning off KProxy. You have a button on that window to do it, also you can do it clicking on the blue hat.

    You get that tab because you used KProxy for 3 hours or you downloaded more than 300 MB (we are trying to improve this) and that tab says that you have to wait 30 minutes to have another 3 hours or 300 MB window. You can use KProxy Extension free forever.

    Why we don't disconnect KProxy when you reach the limit to avoid that tab again and again when you try to surf? Because people should know when they are protected. People must stop KProxy to know really that they are not using KProxy. Perhaps, if we don't care about people safety we should turn off KProxy and we will avoid situations like this one.

    KProxy extension is designed for surfing, if you only surf, it acutally never stops. If you see videos or download stuff you will reach the limit. We know that there is people that can't pay or don't want to pay, but we still want to offer a reliable service for everyone. It could be annoying, but we want to maintain a fast and free for surfing service and give freedom to everyone. If we don't stop downloads, then this is not possible.

    KProxy doesn't have ads, doesn't sell your data, doesn't sell your bandwidth like other VPN's do (those is really malware). KProxy is only possible because of awesome people that thinks that pay for the PRO service is worth of it.

    Other VPN's work great at first, then eventually they become slow and not usable. Other are bubbles that get more and more users expecting to sell the company to a big fish or eventually close because the project is not financially reliable.

    Well, we will never be rich, but we are here for years (since 2005) and we don't expect to close this service in the near future. We want to offer our service for free to everyone that can wait 30 minutes.
  • I'm using this add-on in order to bypass a corporate firewall and it works great. To be honest, this is the ONLY add-on able to do that; all the other proxy/VPN addons are blocked.