11 reviews for this add-on
  • its wonderfull but,i cant change the search enginee place order in group to top or to bottom

  • Perfect for anyone than plays on Kongregate. Thanks for the hard work!

  • Thanks dude, its a must have to any kong user, and the abilyty to leave a shout is really cool!

  • A great all-around tool for Kongregate.com. Clean interface, yet many options. A must-have for those serious about casual gaming!

  • The ability to see which friends are online (and where they are) without opening a new page is very useful.

  • This is a spectacular add-on and a must have for any kongregate user. Its simple to use interface makes it easy to use for even the least computer savvy individual.

    Between being user friendly and the complete compendium to kongregate, this add-on is an easy 5/5.

  • Good for finding badges to earn, but slows down games that are being played while it refreshes.

  • great extension, i look forward to seeing more from you!
    The extension worked great with the theme I'm using, and i look at it regularily to check on my badges!

  • Having used Kongregate for some months, I found this toolbar made chasing badges a once-more enjoyable activity, making it easier and simpler to choose which badges to attempt.

    The perfect 'tool' for those who take badge-collecting (perhaps too) seriously!

  • Great tool for any Kongregate user. It lists available badges in many was, including by completion, difficulty, name, etc. The sidebar also shows your stats and friends list as well as offering one click access to any game and most parts of the site. A very well made add-on, and a must have for the avid Kongregate user. 5/5 stars

  • Great way to keep track of your (un)achieved badges on Kongregate!